Is there a difference between expensive hdmi cables and cheap ones?

I have a ps3 and I want an hdmi cable for the best picture. Now Sony has official hdmi cables for $60.00 but I’ve found hdmi cables on Ebay for $2.00-15.00. I know the Sony cables work because it says Sony but I don’t know about the other cables. Do they offer the same performance or are the ones on ebay just a scam?

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4 Responses to “Is there a difference between expensive hdmi cables and cheap ones?”

  1. Martian Manhunter said:

    These are going to be the same since somebody bought these before more than likely and is now selling them. That means that they bought them for about 60.00. However if you get the cheep 12.00 ones from Big lots they will have a blur to them. I heard that on a forum. You can get 1080p analog and looks almost as good as digital with component cables which are about 25.00 new. =)

  2. spacetut said:

    I’ve read over and over that there is absolutely no difference between quality in HDMI cables-they all transmit the same information at the same rate.

  3. Phade3 said:

    No not really other than the high price ! A good HDMi cable can be had for under $20 !

  4. tim k said:

    hey better quality


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