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Im 19 with associates degree and I want to move to california?

I’m 19 years old and have an Associates Degree in Business Administration at Georgia Perimeter College. I want to move from Marietta, Georgia to a nicer place in California (Bay Area, Los Angles). Not the projects. What should I do and how much will it cost?

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One Response to “Im 19 with associates degree and I want to move to california?”

  1. ***** said :

    Those are pretty expensive areas, and it is difficult to find places to live at prices comparable to those in Georgia, frankly.
    Of course, it is not impossible. Ponder the following..

    -Why do you want to move in the first place?
    -What’s your plan? Do you have a job set up in the areas? Do you plan on attending school here?
    -Do you have some money saved up?

    Job openings in this area are scarce, and affordable housing is difficult to come by.
    If you want to live IN the Bay Area or LA, I’d recommend craigslisting roommates (don’t fall for scams!) Or, you can find housing slightly out of the way of the high metro areas so they are more affordable. Only through doing research can you find average costs (also consider other living expenses, car, gas, food; almost everything is more expensive in these areas).

    Again, if you have a solid, realistic plan and money to fall back on, it is possible.


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