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Can someone help me with work at home companies that are legitate and hires as virtual assistant and inbound?

I’m just to make some money since i’m always home until i move to college in Jan 2011. Please help something that actually pays i’m not lazy please help.

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2 Responses to “Can someone help me with work at home companies that are legitate and hires as virtual assistant and inbound?”

  1. Billyzeke FREE Home JOB CLICK HERE said :

    OK we are not allowed to post links or anything else not even name of any biz i had violations sometimes and they didnt put answers back up

    so at least let me show what NOT TO JOIN

    the general list of scams are these

    FILL OUT FORMS for GOOGLE or GOOGLE cash machine
    CASH GIFTING worse than a scam it’s ILLEGAL
    SURVEY sites just aint worth it too much time for small money
    ANY THING set up in a pyramid scheme
    JUST about anything that YOU have to pay for to make money for is a scam

    search Yahoo or Google for this “BUZZBOT SCAM Ripoff ” which was worse than a scam it was internet fraud and punishable by the FTC for $16,000 fines per inastance

    Always search name of company or person with words SCAM and Ripoff after them

    if any reports were made about it’s legitamacy or that others were robbed scammed conned it will be shown !

    any thing that promises instant riches is a scam

    this also is a scam when you see this posted on a website called a disclaimer


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    any online biz that these gurus and Big dogs have they never tell you it took them 2 years or more and $1000’s of $$ to start making that 6 figure income !Thats the LIES they feed and YOU always will find that disclaimer link or notice on thier websites !

    and thats it all wrapped up in nut shell

    12 yrs experience i have

  2. Nancy said :

    Start your own VA business. It costs nothing and you choose your clients. That’s what I did anyway and it’s working out for me. I would Google “Virtual Assistant” and only read the free resource page. I would not buy any books nor software since it’s not necessary. Post your ads for free on CL and scope out the job sections.

    Good Luck.


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