Do makeup artists make very good money ? And is there another name for this profession besides makeup artist ?

I’m thinking about going to school to train for work along this line and I’m trying to gather information.Any help would be appreciated.

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5 Responses to “Do makeup artists make very good money ? And is there another name for this profession besides makeup artist ?”

  1. just another teen said:

    Not really unless you are very good at it. It’s called cosmotalogy(sp)

  2. Bethany said:

    umm they are called cosmetologist and if they are very good at what they do they make a lot of money :]

  3. jamishaekissez said:

    Cosmetology. they make very good money if they are good at what they do! If u get very good then u could make very big money!

  4. Amy S said:

    A cosmetologist does hair. As far as I can find, make up artist is the correct name for this profession. You can make a lot of money if you market yourself well.

  5. makeupguru44 said:

    I like to call myself a makeup artist. You CAN make good money, if you know the right people. Many people go to school for this, and that is great, but here is the way I got into the business (most famous makeup artists did NOT go to school…they are just artistic and know the right people).

    1. I started doing makeup for friends and family, and for weddings, proms, photographs on my own.
    2. I contacted local photographers who were also just starting out, and we did what are called “test shoots”. This is where new models and new makeup artists and new photographers are trying to build a portfolio for themselves. They all get together and do their services for FREE. This way, everyone wins. They all get to practice, and they all get pictures to put in their portfolio.
    3. I started to work for a cosmetic line carried at upscale department stores. I really loved working for an “artistry” line (one that is specifically for makeup artists. Not a big 3 line–Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder) I was able to do makeup on 8-12 women per day, and make money doing it (commission + hourly). This is a great way to practice. The more you do makeup, the better you get.
    4. Once I had children, I decided to stay at home. I now do freelance makeup artistry for cosmetics carried at the department stores on weekends whenever I choose for $25-$30 per hour. Then, I also do weddings for $175 for the bride, and $75 for each additional person. I also do makeup for print, portraits, etc, and make anywhere from $200-$500 per session.

    Hope this helps.


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