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How to avoid laundry theft of washing machines and dryers at apartment complexes? Is there a way to lock them?

Please share your methods to avoid your laundry being stolen at public washing machines and dryers. I figured that there had to be a lock for sale, but haven’t been able to find any online. I have to do LOTS of laundry because I’ve got a baby and the baby clothes get stolen all the time. I can’t stay in the laundry room during the whole process. Any ideas of locking the machines would be greatly appreciated.

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9 Responses to “How to avoid laundry theft of washing machines and dryers at apartment complexes? Is there a way to lock them?”

  1. FaZizzle said :

    You can’t legally lock a public washer or dryer. You could be fined or even sued for misuse of public property. Unless it’s allowed by your complex, I would avoid it.

    The best way we know is to stay down there. I know you say it’s not an option, but it’s the best way to make sure no one steals anything. If you don’t want to stay down there, you can check it often or have good faith.

    There really is no better way though. I suggest taking it to a large cleaners, bringing your baby, and reading a good book. It’ll get you out of the house and your baby some rhymic sounds to sleep to.

  2. Demetrios said :

    The only way is for you to sit in front of that washing machine and stare at it. But since you are a mom you are busy. Try complaining to your complex manager or superintendent. Perhaps he can do something.

  3. FOA said :

    go to a place where you can do it all at once
    then it will take about an hour

    baby can handle it

  4. kris55a said :

    try the laundromat. use all the washers you want, they all take the same amount of time. the idea is to stay with your clothes to keep them from getting stolen by your neighbors.
    guess you live around some real winners!!!
    talk to your landlord. about putting on a hinge type clasp deal, you would have to supply your own lock.
    but if someone wants your jeans enough they will break the lock.

  5. G said :

    nothing you can do about theft in laundry rooms. maybe if you encourage the management to install security cameras it will cut down on the theft. i think talking to managment about petty theft on their property would be a good first step in the right direction.

  6. dogsrspcl said :

    Wow, stealing baby clothes from the laundry! How low can anyone get.

    Since it keeps happening, you have to figure out who would be your most likely suspect. I would guess it would be a woman.

    If you are leaving your clothes in the machines, people WILL take them out, I’ve had it happen to me a lot, but no theft.

    Since the clothes are costly and the inconvenience is immeasureable; why not buy a cheap camera from Radio Shack and hide it in the vents & tape the culprit and press charges.

    I know it’s hard for you to wait in the laundry room for things to finish up because of your kids. Maybe you should wait until your husband or a friend can watch the kids. I do not recommend being in the laundry room alone at night though.

    Otherwise, you may have to go to a regular laundrymat and do them all at once, you can use the time waiting to read or other tasks that need to be done. It is really boring there. Again, not at night.

    If the clothes are not showing up on a kid in the complex, they are being given away to someone outside the complex.
    I would definitely report it to the management.

    Maybe you can get your own washer/dryer little combo & hook it up in your apartment. Or, maybe you can visit your folks and do it there.

    Real low-life is doing this. I feel sorry for U.

  7. Angela S said :

    I think a lock is a million dollar idea, especially if it removable… (do you know the post it notes were thought of by a secretary) You could be counting your money while doing the laundry!!! I bet there is alot of people who would buy that… good luck

  8. kiwi mum said :

    Perhaps if you got the apartment managers permission you could attach a hasp to the lid/door and take you own padlock and key. Do a web search on hasp to see what they look like, maybe you could find a stick on type? Really all you need is to make it a little difficult to get into the machine, most thieves will not go to the trouble of ripping it off.

  9. starrwoode said :

    sit right there and wach the entire thing. thats the only way, take your baby with you. i didnt have a washer of my own till two years ago. and im almost 60. its your job to watch your wash.


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