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If i already threw out the ouija boards and sent them away, is there no other way to be free?

I made a mistake and threw the boards out or put them else where far away from here, can i still get rid of them some how like going to church and getting baptized or something. This is haunting, miserable, horrorfying and gloomy, i want to be freed from it now. There have to be some way: the paranormal people gets rid of ghosts and stuff: is there some way at all?

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7 Responses to “If i already threw out the ouija boards and sent them away, is there no other way to be free?”

  1. Chloé L. said :

    Call a priest/ess and ask him/her to please come and cleanse and ward your home. You do not need to be of their religion. They usually take vows to spiritually help those in need. Not sure about other paths, but catholic, wicca, vodun, hoodoo clergy, along with many various witches will be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

  2. Leslie said :

    Are you sure you’re not just like making this into a ordeal when it’s not, cuz i’ve used a ouija board and nothing has ever happened to me
    But i guess u could try to do an exorcism?

  3. Lecia said :

    If you want to DIY go to the place where you used the Ouija and visualize a door, then visualize it being closed. Take your finger and draw a pentagram over it. Then burn asafoetida incense. It stinks, but it is guaranteed to work. No spirit will linger in your home.

  4. Dee said :

    you should not summon what you do not possess the power to dismiss.

  5. BubbaB said :

    Just relax. Using a Ouija board or any other “spirit board” won’t do anything bad other than freak you out. (Kinda like you are now.)

    Ouija boards rely on the imperceptible muscular movements of those touching the planchette — the thing that indicates letters.

    Penn and Teller on their Showtime Show, “Bullsh*t” (with the letter I) fully and soundly debunked Ouija boards.

    They had a group of people use a Ouija board normally. The planchette indicated words, apparently answered questions, etc. Nobody claimed to be moving the planchette. All very typical.

    They then blindfolded the group and, without telling the group, rotated the Ouija board 180 degrees. The board didn’t function as it did when the group was not blindfolded. For example, when a Yes/No question was asked, the planchette indicated the spots that “Yes” or “No” had been before the board was rotated. Neither did any words get accurately spelled out by the planchette.

    Obviously, either spirits are completely blind or the Ouija board operates based on the imperceptible muscular actions of the participants.

    For further reading:

  6. The Snake said :

    There is a special way to dispose of them. If you want to get rid of it let me know and send it to me and I will properly destroy it and close the door you opened.

    You may email me at [email protected] please keep this address as private as you can.

  7. confused_390 said :

    Not much you can do.
    It has to “run its course”.


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