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How long will Liberals and Democrats carry on this Charade? Are they proving who they are once again?

As usual, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they continue to think they are the majority and that most Americans agree with them…

Is this not typical of the delusions they suffer from on every issue?

Is there anyway to make them understand how silly and out of touch with reality they appear 24/7?
Yes, and I’m on offense lately…

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10 Responses to “How long will Liberals and Democrats carry on this Charade? Are they proving who they are once again?”

  1. lise t said :

    aren’t you the super dave who used to defend conservatives months ago?

  2. Onlooker said :

    On a lot of issues, liberals are the majority: gay rights, civil rights, the environment, woman’s right to choose, minimum wage, end to Iraq War, even health care:

    The fact that a lot of people don’t like to call themselves liberal is simply a semantic issue.

  3. Hot Magma said :

    wouldn’t it be fresh and exciting if one of the parties would actually do things for “we the people” and not political gain

  4. The Beast said :

    unfortunately they will prolong this charade until we kick them out, and we have so far been unable to mobilize on a grass roots level to do so. fully agree that both sides are equally horrible, both sides are partisan hacks who aim for longevity and self interest over good of the country. problem is that the only way to make them understand is to vote them all out and install term limits so we never get back to this same place. but too many people are emotional about their politics, and they vote party line. going to be hard to make the necessary change.

  5. Randy F said :

    Forever if they can. Look how long they have used the racism and affirmative action BS.

  6. Paul Grass™℠ said :

    In my opinion they will continue until after the results are in! Even then they will deny

  7. Stephinie does gerbils said :

    until Barney comes for his gerbils

  8. Von Vibbert said :

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  9. Claude Sidorowicz said :

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  10. Ross Alejandrez said :

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