Does anyone think that both Democrats and Republicans are bad for this country?

Does anyone think that both Democrats and Republicans are bad for this country? If so, explain why?

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15 Responses to “Does anyone think that both Democrats and Republicans are bad for this country?”

  1. Millions of Peaches said:

    Here here, you’re voting “corporation” either way

  2. jakeb said:

    No, I think their total failure to work out good compromise is bad.

  3. Anthony said:

    Since most of them care about their own jobs more than the country, yes

  4. Curious Independent said:

    They’re bad for this country because all they do is argue while our country suffers.

  5. Jack M said:

    As a whole,

    Democrats are the slime of the nation.

  6. ahandle101 said:

    Yes. Neither party represents we, the people.

  7. Theresa said:

    Yes! I believe Independent is the way to go. That way, it isn’t a bias view and you’re choosing what you truly think is best, not because it follows being a Democrat or a Republican. That’s the way I see it. But personally, Democrats give me a headache.

  8. Chest Bump said:

    Yes, but unfortunately not only do we not have a third-party with enough support to be competitive(the Tea Party is, at best, a spoiler at this point), our Constitution is based on a “first-to-the-post-winner-take-all” system, and the establishment would do anything to prevent a third-party from unsettling them.

  9. chevypirate said:

    There are good humans and bad humans….trying to say one political group is good or bad is a funny way to go about picking out who is good and who is bad. When you are dealing with human nature all bets are off.

  10. Ignorant 16-year-old said:

    Democrats and Republicans are both bad because they are both buisness dominated and work for the rich few over the rest of us. We live in a corporatocracy. Look up ‘the corporation’ it’s a great documentary.

  11. itsamini1 said:

    It is time to clean house in both parties.

  12. Chupate esa! said:

    Maybe you have to accept the reality that not everything will go the way you would like it to go, you see that’s the reality democrats and republicans have trouble accepting…

  13. future said:

    Both parties are not very good, but the alternatives on either side are far worse if you ask me.

  14. Greg Hills said:


  15. badmofaux said:


    Though, I find one to be less bad than the other lately.

    They basically serve to motivate masses of people with meaningless rhetoric which seems to do little more than divide the people.


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