How do you get up and go to work everyday?

When everything at work is lies lies lies, and everyone at work keeps lying lying lying?

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7 Responses to “How do you get up and go to work everyday?”

  1. SusanO said:

    If you really need your job, just stick it out until you find something else. Talk to someone about it. What are they lying about? Is your boss involved in the lying? Sounds like you are really unhappy where you are and you need to look for another job.

  2. Captain Shizzle said:


  3. kirsten with kira said:

    my job consists of partying, it easy to get up for that and i dont even have to get up til after noon.

    SO maybe just find another job if its that bad

  4. Ophelia said:

    you have to learn how to shut your eyes and close your ears if you really wanna continue or try another job

  5. hippo37 said:

    I think about the money and what that will buy me outside work and plan something really nice for the weekend. Also go for walk in country before I start and tell myself how work pays for me to enjoy everything.

  6. Smart Alex said:

    I was right with you. When ever I complained to my friends and family, they’d just tell me that I needed to get another job. Really, ya think I just sat here complaining for 20 minutes about a job that I like and want to keep? But eventually I found another job and told my boss to suck it. Whenever you get down, just think of all the ways you’ll tell your boss and co-workers what a-holes they are. Or google “I hate my job”- lots of horror stories out there that might make you feel better about your job.

  7. Merle Britz said:

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