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Does the existence of Liberals AND Conservatives make a balance in this world?

Just think about it. Without one or the other, the world would shift out of balance and into a certain direction. What would that mean?

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10 Responses to “Does the existence of Liberals AND Conservatives make a balance in this world?”

  1. CAustin IV said :

    Generally speaking, liberals want to go forward and cons want to go backward.

    Without liberals, we would stagnate and regress. Without cons, we would progress more quickly.

    I’m not seeing the “balance” here – just an ideology that fears change.

  2. Harry Ballz said :

    What everyone doesn’t realize is the actual policies that politicians from BOTH sides implement have one and the same agenda.

  3. PastorJonesWasCastratedBy0bama said :

    No not at all. Conservatives without liberals would work fine. Not vice versa liberals are parasitic.

  4. Cryst Liberal said :

    Conservatives keep moving over to our end of the spectrum, there is no balance. The few libertarians out there only offer arguments, but otherwise do not have the support needed to do anything.

  5. Logic favors conservatives said :

    Not quite. The majority of people in both parties are complete idiots who change their ideologies more often than the average man brushes his teeth. There is no balance of competent humans debating to come to the best conclusion for every issue that arises. There is only a teetering of incompetents running each party into the ground. Extremists such as the first answerer are even worse.

  6. amazon dot com buyer... said :

    no, that’s capitalism’s job.

  7. Parson Brown said :

    Come on people now
    smile on your brother
    everybody get together
    try to love one another right now

  8. thecharleslloyd said :

    Good question. They keep us equal, alas the Liberals are too conservative in the modern world, hence the problem.

  9. Magnolia said :

    One of the biggest problems we have now is a democratic controlled congress and whitehouse.

  10. Simple Jack said :

    To a certain extent. If you could hypothetically make everyone who considered themselves conservative disappear, “Conservative” would become redefined as something that is to the right of mainstream, modern liberalism.

    We cannot dismiss that it’s very difficult for Conservatism and Liberalism to exist in vacuums. Conservatives need the threat of immigrants, social diversity, socialism and liberals and liberals needs religious right wingers and corporatists. Sans these elements, the foundation for each ideology is respectively removed. It becomes practically meaningless.

    Also, history creates liberals and conservatives. The Great Depression, for instance, created both Conservative and Liberal ideology.


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