Does anyone think we have enough immigrants in UK ?

The Libs Lab Cons & Ukip, do not think we have enough so do you agree with them ? Or should we put a cap on all immigration like the BNP would do if they got into power ? Would you agree we are full up, and need to look after the people we have here already ?

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13 Responses to “Does anyone think we have enough immigrants in UK ?”

  1. ali said:



    I am probably more intellectaully capable than the moron below me.

    I know what I said and stand by it.

  2. Cheese said:

    Conservatives want to decrease the limit.
    UKIP want to cut off all non-skilled immigrants.

    And as you can see, Ali is probably some sort of child prodigy. His answer is so well researched and thoroughly reviewed.

  3. Andi S said:

    We’re more than full. We should adopt a policy like Australia and only allow immigration which benefits the country and it’s native inhabitants. The island can’t cope with any more, and the economy’s pretty shagged from it too…..

  4. iansmo1972 said:

    I am in charge of 20 odd polish workers, I bear no ill will to them, a few I even call friends.

    But yes it is time to cap the intake, stop giving asylum to every tom,dick or harry who asks, I am tired of living in almost poverty conditions while immigrants are given a house, money and cars,

    We also need to penalise company’s that close up the factory’s and move to china, Thailand etc.etc.

    It is time we stood up and shout NO MORE,

  5. Sparky said:

    Your getting confused … the UKIP would put a 5 year stop to immagration and actrully control it.. the BNP will remove all illegal immagrants and failed asyum seekers etc etc.. any one who has no british born idenity.. ..

    its labour and the liberal democrats and the conservative party that support nation building to foriegn countries so foriegn aid.. and they support the EU ( immagration and free movement )
    they also support multicultruim which no british person asked for..

    the UKIP and the BNP are the only one’s to vote for when if your concerned with immagration.

    Kind Regaurds Sparky.

    Edit :
    yes immagration has come to a point where its not benifiting the UK as planned but its rather a burden to it.

    its putting a strain on people.. and the nation as a whole..

    wealth is dimishing and the standards of living are more expensive then ever before..

    native british peopel are refused jobs simple because immagrants would work longer and for less.

    as it may seem alot to them, they usually take it back to their country of origin.. and not spend it in the UK at all.

    British people though are demisihing they have gone from morgages to poverty espescially after the resscession.

    And the rescession put these good hard working brits out of work now they go to try and find work they simple can’t because the immagrants would work for less.

    British jobs for British people, labour created jobs for british people they were taken up by 98% of immagrants.. factories and powerplants that employed thousends after the ressession only immagrants still had their jobs.

    The british people are waking up.

    so yes we have enough considering its a strain to society and were to over populated.

  6. LadyMoon Baby #2 due 14/09/10!!! said:

    Personally I do not think we should bring in anyone to the UK other than highly skilled people who have skills or experience we need, which are in short supply in the UK. We should, like Australia, have a list of “needed” professions and only accept people with this background (plus clean crimninal records, good health, sufficient finances etc).

    There is no circumstance in which I can see we would ever need to bring in unskilled or semi-skilled workers. We always have enough unemployed of our own, plus school leavers and so forth. Its a little like bringing coals to Newcastle. If, as is occasionally alleged, certain sections of UK society “won’t do” certain jobs and thats why we “need” immigrants, then MAKE them do these jobs!! Tell them they have a choice – they can either take the job cleaning toilets in Tescos or they will get no more benefits.

    The main problem we have is the EU freedom of movement, as that allows even unskilled workers, without enough financial resources to support themselves to come to the UK quite legally. Stories of immigrants squatting in people’s garden sheds etc is symptomatic of this.

    I do not beleive there should be any “cap” – just that we should specify that these are the occupations and skills which we need – any others, thanks but no thanks. And this should include the EU as well.

  7. cool_cancer said:

    This question is not a simple yes or no as many of the previous answerers have indicated. Yes, they are enough immigrants in the UK now but then to ban all immigration would mean serious shortfall in the NHS and the service industry. What we need is to allow the highly skilled immgirants who actually contribute to the country’s economy and stop all unskilled immigration.

    Putting a cap will not work becuase most of the unskilled immigration is from the EU – something that unfortunately will not and cannot be capped.

    People often say why can’t we train British nationals for the job shortage – well, that will take time and you cannot force anyone to do a job that they don’t want to do.

    Believe it or not, immigrants are even now doing the jobs that British people do not want to do.

  8. King of the potato-people said:

    Yes, we have all doctors and fast food employees we need, there’s rising unemployment, barely enough houses to go around, and our people come first before immigrants as it is and should be in every country, just look at the chinese they had to bring in laws where everyone can only have one child because the population got so bad I don’t want to end up like that.

    Kick out all illegal immigrants foreign criminals and asylum seekers who passed safe countries before they got here, which is all of them.

  9. bad_boy_2008 said:

    Yes, we should restrict only highly skilled immigrants we need who can contribute ot the economy.
    you said ‘ cap on all immigration like the BNP would do if they got into power ‘. BNP is not interested only in putting a cap. BNP wants no immigrants, plus it wants all non-white people/immigrants in UK including now Briotish Citizens (who are immigrants but might have been here for decades abd even born here) to leave UK. They talk about voluntary repatriation (which we all know will be how much ‘voluntary’). They want Britain for Whites only.

  10. Q said:

    One of the delusions about immigrants into the NHS for example is that this solves a shortage problem. In fact every time we bring in an immigrant we bring in the family and other relatives and all the problems that go with that eg we need more schools and teachers for their children, more doctors and nurses for them, more social workers for their old people. So as we bring in immigrants the demand for the skills of other immigrants rises – what do we do to prevent this escalating out of control? Well, the obvious move is to train our own people much better than we do, to encourage young folk to get apprenticeships or skills training rather than sit on their backsides taking benefits or going to college to study for dead end degrees in media studies and other such courses.

    We should also change our international commitment so that anyone who is living here knows that if they are involved in any kind of criminal activity they are on the next plane out whether first or second generation immigrant. The big problem there for the Immigration dept is that so often no passport is available as a means of identifying and sending home the culprit. That is why biometric passports showing all kinds of proof of identity are essential so that anyone who cannot show who they are remains outside economic activity. I don’t vote Labour but that is what they are trying to do and it makes sense to me.

  11. tom said:

    The BNP does not care about immigration, they care about “ethno-immigration”.

    Whenever the BNP use the term “immigration” or “immigrant” they are refering to those they consider “non-British” or people who are “civically British” but not “British”. Ie, black and asian people.
    There is so much evidence out there that the BNP has only changed its presentation and not its substance.

    Griffin said David James and Amir Khan are not British last year. SInce when does being born in Britian, living in Britian your whole life and representing your country at your sport not classify you as British?

    Why is it that the BNP opened its arms to an australian woman who is an immigrant now in our country (because she hates immigrants so much, she left australia to be an immigrant here, go figure, or maybe it was because her right wing racist party failed.)

    The BNP couldn’t give a damn about immigration, “Britian is full” they say, which is why they want to kick out blacks and asians to make room for white people.

  12. mrlbra said:
  13. iemtsovs said:


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