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Are both Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens the best thinkers of our times?

Probably religion will be put to an end by their philosophy, because religion is superstition and abuse, a crutch that nobody needs.

We all have to grow up.

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21 Responses to “Are both Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens the best thinkers of our times?”

  1. ungodly said:

    No, I prefer Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks.

  2. s D said:

    The best in delusional thinking yes.

  3. HUMANIST said:

    I’m with you on this one.

  4. Exodiafinder said:

    I don’t even know which part of your question to correct first. So many many mistakes.

  5. Raider Duck said:

    I don’t know if they are the BEST thinkers, but they are both awesome.

  6. Murphy2112 said:

    Dawkins is too smug and Hitchens is too angry, but I agree with both of them.

    Get better, Hitch!

  7. CAustin IV said:


    Dawkins is actually pretty impressive – he contributed quite a bit to mathematical modeling of the evolutionary basis of certain social behaviors that’s actually pretty brilliant. His earlier works (e.g. The Selfish Gene, The Extended Phenotype, etc.) put an emphasis on his contributions to biology which, in this atheist’s opinion, are far more interesting than the anti-religious drivel he churns out these days (he may be right, but that doesn’t make it not tedious and boring).

    As for Hitchens, he doesn’t have a whole lot of claim to fame other than vocally pointing out that religion is irrational, and irrationally blaming religion for a whole lot of things that are kind of a stretch to attribute to it. While he’s often quotable, I’m not terribly impressed with him as an intellectual whole.

    The best thinkers of our time are probably found doing things like analyzing the data from the Large Hadron Collider, synthesizing biologically and physically engineered molecules for medicine, developing nanotechnology and photonics, and other such things – not commenting (however correctly) on the relatively mundane and simple topic of popular mythology.

  8. your conscious said:

    Watch this….written from a true atheist…..the proof of God.

  9. IAN F said:

    They’re doing a great job on Christianity – we need someone to do the same with Islam.

  10. IRev. Albert Einstein said:

    Rich Dawkins is the greatest intolerant moron of all time.

  11. moondoggy said:

    Yes. That’s why ATHEIST philosophers repeatedly panned their books in academic journals, accused them of being senile, and lamented that they had set atheism back by 20 years. Hitchens and Dawkins are a disgrace to the great atheist thinkers of the past. Dawkins is the Pat Robertson of atheism.

  12. Human said:

    Nope. Richard Feynman, and Stephen Hawking are (among others).

  13. arewethereyet said:

    I have to agree with Moondogg… Richard Dawkins is the Pat Robertson of atheism. He’s a joke.

  14. KL said:

    The atheists I know who are really strong in philosophical thought have all said that Dawkins’ book isn’t very impressive philosophically. They’ve said he’s a genius in his field but that “The God Delusion” is actually pretty bad. I haven’t heard them say that about Hitchens, but I do think that if you’re looking for ‘the best thinkers of our times’ even if you’re going to limit it to atheists only, you could do better than Dawkins according to the smartest atheists I know.

  15. Cream Puff said:

    You are so far from the truth that it will be hard to find your way back from there.

  16. Milhouse said:

    I agree they are great thinkers but they nor anybody else will put an end to religion. We don’t think anybody needs that crutch but billions of other people want it.

  17. za said:

    No. Dawkins is a good biologist, but he does not understand religion, and makes a fool of himself when he comments on things outside his own expertise.

  18. The Circus Bearded Lady said:

    Depends on what your ‘times’ are. Some of us were around when Giants such as Betrand Russell, Whitehead, Copelston, Wittgenstein, etc., were around, and they were more miles more profound and incisive than these two fundamentalist atheists can ever claim to be. You need to read a bit more.

  19. BOOBOOCOO said:

    They are both in the best of positions to promote science as mans intended direction , yet I know and have met many great thinkers , I myself have a registered IQ of 168 though have found status and environment as obstructions to public acknowledgement. I am however greatly inspired by such individuals and others within the areas of factual learning.

  20. tintin said:

    I have nothing against Mr Dawkins but if you accept his arguments then when life ends that’s it. Oblivion results for all eternity.
    However, surely there is enough evidence against this.
    Patients describing hosp procedures while unconscious.
    Near death patients recalling experiences after clinical death.
    Dying patients describing relatives who have died without their knowledge.
    People who Astral Project.
    People predicting own death after late relative warned them.
    People warned not to sail on Titanic. Quite a few changed their minds.
    Trapped miners being led to safety by spirits of deceased ones. Quite a few of those stories.
    How about Lincoln’s ghost warning of war. Happened a few times.
    Finally, Science. Matter/energy cannot be destroyed, but can be transmuted.
    I suspect Mr Dawkins knows of that one.

  21. Reuben Goldstein said:


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