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Would being in an overdraft affect me and my partner of getting a property?

Me and my partner have been looking for a place to rent, we found a place and have put a £500 deposit down for it, they said we would only lose it if we failed our credit checks such as having ccj’s or have been blacklisted. Our total annal income together needs to b 23grand, we earn well over 10grand more between us but my partner is now panicking that him going into his over draft like every month is going to affect it as he was made redundant but now has a full time permanent job but just been finding it hard to get out of the over draft although we manage well.
Does anyone think that being in an overdraft would affect us being accepted the property to rent?
If nothing has gone to court it should be fine shouldn’t it?
they just check credit history not your actual bank balance etc don’t they?
Any info would be great thanks, just hate my partner stressing out and its stressing me out and im pregnant.

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One Response to “Would being in an overdraft affect me and my partner of getting a property?”

  1. Sal*UK said:

    Highly unlikely!! So long as your rent isn’t more than about 40% of your income, no problem

    Estate/letting Agent!


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