where can i watch free naruto and inuyasha online?

im a huga naruto fan and becoming and inuyasha fan too but all the sites i use to use have changed and are crappy. where can i watch naruto and naruto shippuden and inuyasha free? they dont have to be on the same websites. also please no websites where i have to answer a survey to use. my computer easily gets virises
also sorry please tell me if there english subbed.

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16 Responses to “where can i watch free naruto and inuyasha online?”

  1. cherenzkie17 said:


    with English subtitle.

  2. cheston t said:
  3. suhaib said:

    best websites and no viruses

    Dub Happy

    Just Dubs

    these websites are 4 Dubbed

    anime chia

    for Subbed

  4. Athan said:

    I created a website where you can read latest manga and watch the TV series episodes of naruto shippuuden, bleach, pokemon and one piece. all are English – subbed. just try and visit it.. here is the site: http://www.animeinstinct.blogspot.com

  5. grindean said:
  6. Mike said:

    You can download them all for free from


  7. Lew said:

    don’t think so

  8. Smalls said:

    narutoget.com will get you every naruto episode including shippuden and animecrazy.net will get you all the inuyasha episodes the final inuyasha episodes all the inuyasha and naruto movies

  9. DrP said:
  10. Paul Murphy said:


  11. Kegan said:

    narutoget.com is a good place for naruto episodes but animecrazy.net has all the anime shows.

  12. Chanda Nedzweski said:

    You can watch it online for free at


    Have fun!

  13. zhιє™ said:
  14. Julie said:

    Try Dub happy or GoGoAnime.

  15. Dunk Lee said:

    try dramanuts.net and animeseason

  16. June Trumble said:

    You can watch it online for free at


    Have fun!


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