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How many Christians celebrate halloween and why?

obviously we all do what we feel is right. my stance is halloween is an day celebrating everything evil hidden with the excuse, ‘it’s fun and everyone does it’ and, ‘as long as i dress as something cute its fine’.

as a Christian, whats your opinion?

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18 Responses to “How many Christians celebrate halloween and why?”

  1. snap144 said:

    I dont…no reason to.

  2. Kéla said:

    I’m a Christian and i never thought of Halloween being that evil. I just take it as a joke, really.

  3. imrod said:

    Millions of Christians through history have celebrated Halloween which means the Eve of All Saints Day (hallow, like the Lord’s prayer). It is a Christian holiday that remembers the saints (both the titled and untitled). It is a Christian Memorial Day.

  4. Rene O said:

    I don’t. It’s just a pagan holiday.

  5. Mark T said:

    Its a day of paganism. Nothing good has ever come from paganism. Or has it?

  6. ebrien1 said:

    I think about 4,842,412 celebrate halloween at my last count

  7. shenzara said:

    I do. I just like to dress up and have fun.

  8. Galaxie Girl said:

    I’ve never met any Christians who didn’t do Halloween. My husband did as a kid. Halloween has nothing to do with Christianity, it’s something from old pagan traditions that has become a secular tradition in America today. It’s not a celebration of evil or anything, it’s just a fun tradition. Like Christmas and Easter and Independence Day.

  9. surojabu said:

    Christians are a funny group of people. You pick and choose which Pagan symbols and rituals you want to include in your religion in what appears to be a very arbitrary manner. You accept the deep rooted Pagan symbolism and rituals of Christmas and Easter but reject those from Halloween. Halloween isn’t even a particularly religious holiday or celebration (even dating back to its origins).

    Halloween originated from Samhain (among other similar celebrations). Samhain was a celebration that paid tribute to ancestors who had passed over as well as giving thanks for the crops harvested all summer and preparing for the harsh winter to come. There was nothing evil in the intent or in the celebrations at all. It has nothing to do with Satan. (Satan is a Christian concept.) That is an untruth spread by Christians simply to create fear and disparage a holiday that once held meaning for Pagan people.

    For those who mention Samhain and denigrate the “celebrations” by Pagan peoples that included animal sacrifices: Sacrifices made to Pagan gods at these types of celebrations were no different than the sacrifices called for by your Christian god.

    Halloween and the “rituals” (pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating, etc) involved are evil only in the eyes of misguided or misinformed Christians.

  10. PattyAnn said:

    We don’t “celebrate” it but we do welcome children to the door and give out treats. I don’t think it’s anything to really celebrate.

  11. usafbrat64 said:

    The dressing up and the handing out of food started out as a way for people to protect themselves from evil and wickedness, not as a way to “celebrate” evil. All Saints Day and All Saints Eve (All Hallow’s Eve) was acknowledged as the time when the wall between this world and the next was at its thinnest. The darkness of the night before people tried to protect themselves. The next day in the daylight they honored and remembered all of those who had passed on.

    So… since it’s not a celebration of evil, of satanism, of witchcraft, etc., I don’t have an issue with it. Generally my girls dress up as something fun or silly… one year they were hippies, another year we were all characters from Wizard of Oz. When they did dress up as witches, they were quick to tell people that they were good witches that helped people!

    With all that said…. I have my pumpkins ready to carve, treats bought for the trick or treaters, and my costume is ready!

  12. RIFF-RAFF said:

    i celebrate halloween because its a social holiday in our nation, i don’t consider it a christian holiday celebration but there’s no reason why i cant take part in social events as long as i don’t feel im disrespecting my lord by doing so. i also celebrate the birth of our country in july and the initial founding of our country in november giving thanks for the pilgrims that left a country where freedom of religion didn’t exist.

  13. dani_bahnahni said:

    i celebrate it so to speak but not in any evil way, i just have fun with my family or friends and dont look any farther into it. to me its not evil to have fun with it, im definitely not doing anything for the devil

  14. Lori J said:

    Sorry imrod it has nothing to do with Christianity. Surojabu has explained it very well so I won’t go into further explanation. Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is a pagan holiday. It is known as the Wiccan New Year. I do not be-judge you Christians for taking part in the celebration and festivities surrounding it, but please do not try to defend that by saying it has Christian roots. Its roots are pagan, and dates back before Christianity.

  15. lwinter84 said:

    My family has always celebrated Halloween. There’s nothing evil about it, it started as a pagan holiday that has become mainstreamed. The history has already been described well above, so I won’t go into it. Christians (early) tried to appeal to pagans and bring them into christianity by attaching a christian theme to the holiday (All Saints Day/Eve). The closet thing to evil on halloween is playing a really nasty trick on someone.

  16. Blare said:

    I love it when hardcore fundies go ape in October and claim Halloween is the “devil’s holiday”. Cracks me up.

  17. greenshootuk said:

    Well done all those who have stuck with the original Christian celebration of All Hallows Eve – the Eve of All Saints Day. Celebrated by Christian, particularly Catholics, for well over 1000 years.

    No prizes for those who have been conned by neo-pagan notions of a pagan festival for which there is very little evidence at all – what little there is concerns a mythical warrior’s feast.

    The historical evidence says that All Saints Day and All Souls (Nov 2nd), the Days of the Dead, were instituted by the Pope in Rome with no influence of paganisn whatsoever.

    For those who, because of anti-catholic propaganda, think it is actually worshipping the devil, I have only pity.

  18. rae1 said:

    Halloween is a festival that has been celebrated for over 2000 years,and was the celt new years eve.The celebration of halloween has no evil connotations at all,and certainly nothing to do with woshipping satan!I think we should look back at the history of such celebrations and not believe everything we are told by less informed individuals and religious groups.


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