could a teen gemini male and a teen scorpio have a good relationship?

are there any people that may have been in a relationship like this tell me about it

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6 Responses to “could a teen gemini male and a teen scorpio have a good relationship?”

  1. Peukalitsa Jd said:

    well,maybe yes,maybe no.a gemini wants to play,if a scorpiogirl does play with the mind of a gemini,the gemini will love this-but you always have to be careful with geminis,theyare stupid

  2. Kae said:

    Geminis are not stupid or mean…

    A teen Gemini of either gender is probably not going to be the best partner.

    We are like a fine wine and get better with age/experience.

  3. amy c said:

    Geminis are master manipulators and will enrage a scorpio with the lack of understanding for other peoples feelings

  4. Convoluted Pisces said:

    yes it could anyone can have a relationship with someone they are not compatible with

  5. Wendy Weewees said:

    Going by my own experiences,this is a relationship that can only end in disaster.
    Gemini men have no consideration for their female partner and are gutless and greedy.
    Everything has to revolve around them,and if they don’t get the attention that they always seek,they make your life a living hell……be warned!!

  6. Candyy_Canee said:

    only if the relationship was all about sex. lol


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