Can I survive by eating only oatmeal everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Can I live off oatmeal alone? Nothing else but oatmeal as nourishment. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Everyday.

Is it possible to sustain with only oatmeal and water? What are the possible side effects that’ll result, if any?

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16 Responses to “Can I survive by eating only oatmeal everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?”

  1. nkcliff said:

    no, you will get scurvy

  2. qstnanswr said:

    Is it a bet, a contest, a budget or a health issue?

    You could survive as long as another person who does not get dietary protein, but protein is necessary to maintain ideal health. Oatmeal is a grain (at the top of the food pyramid) but you need the other elements of the food pyramid for the right diet that any human body needs.

  3. PattyAnn said:

    You could survive, but your body would be craving fruits and veggies. Leaving out essential nutrients isn’t a good way to survive if you are not in a survival situation.
    Oatmeal is good though!

  4. Virtual Evie said:

    I survived by eating nothing but canned spanish rice for 3 months. It was the cheapest thing I could buy that would fill me up. 19 cents a can in 1979.

  5. guru13 said:

    you’ll need to get a multi-vitamin supplement so your body doesn’t shut down, but otherwise, yes. painfully.

  6. Nadeen said:

    No you can’t. You’re body needs different kinds of nutrients to survive. It needs dairy, meat alternatives, fruits and vegetablels. You can’t survive by only eating oatmeal because it doesn’t have all of these nutrients. Your body will shut down if you do that.

  7. redleg510 said:

    I saw a news story about a couple who were living on disability, and had to eat oatmeal. They were very unhappy and very skinny. I imagine you could survive if you added some vitamin pills.

    There’s a person out here who lives on Diet Cola and rice cakes, but he takes vitamin pills. He’s skin and bones.

  8. Kate said:

    the first answer is right. after awhile you actually would get scurvy

  9. John G said:

    No, you are missing key vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. Without fruits and veggies you will lack certain nutrients such as beta carotene and so on. They all have a role to facilitate body function. Most nutrients and vitamins (not all can be found in oatmeal) play a vital role in digestion, bone strength, cell reparation, nervous system functions, etc. Protein supplies energy and repairs your body. Only a little is found in oatmeal. Fat is also vital to life. You need enough calories or you will go into survival mode and wither away slowly. You may live for a while eating only oatmeal ,but health problems will ensue.

  10. Dave said:

    ye i dont see any reasons why you couldn’t

  11. Diamond Dave said:

    I would say yes you would survive but you won’t be very healthy. You will only be getting the nutrients that the oatmeal provides and missing a lot of things your body needs. Fluids are probably more important than anything else but your body also needs the nutrients supplied by different foods.

  12. Prince said:

    Hey! u didn’t mention the time period ??

    For ur traget is to become a super model then go for only fruits and water only. For oatment u can survice a month or two not after that its better u take fruits as nourishment and fitness.

    take care

  13. Matt said:

    no you will lack vitamin c

  14. raitto88 said:

    you must mix it with banana 2.take supplement as well.multi vit of course. mix 2 with milk so do need 2 worry bout dairy calcium.u will survive..

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