Why is there no quadruple bond in carbon and carbon?

Like there is double and triple bond in O2 and N2, there can be even 4 bonds between carbon and carbon or silicon-silicon or any other element with valency 4. If this is not possible, then why cannot the carbon atom use the 4 resultant sp3 hybridized orbitals to form 4 bonds with another carbon? Also then why do describe about the C2 molecule in the Molecular Orbital theory?
Please try to explain me with the help of hybridization of orbitals.

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  1. GEORGIANNA said:

    It is one of those things you can talk about in theory but in nature it just won’t stretch and stay stable.

  2. USSR said:

    Ok, all atoms want to have 8 electrons in their valence shell. With that said, lets start. Carbon has 2 energy levels, so that means it has 1 s and 2 p orbitals. Now, a S orbital can carry 2 electrons, while P orbitals can carry 6. Carbon has its 1s orbital already filled with 2 electrons, but its 2p orbital only has 4,and its 2s orbital has none. REMEMBER THIS. PLS Bear with me, this isnt easy to explain online.

    Carbon needs 4 electrons and how does it achieve it? Well, when it pairs up with another Carbon both Carbons contribute 2( due to their orbital properties) and so when both contribute 2, 2+2 equals 4. They share those 4 electrons and act as if they have 8 valence electrons.
    If this doesnt make sense maybe this will:
    Carbon has 4 valence electrons. It needs 4. If two Carbons were to be diatomically bonded with each other, each would give 2 because both “know” they are going to share the 4 electrons they need. That’s why there isnt a 4 pair bond, but a 2 pair bond. If two Carbons tried using the 4 pair bond, they would be sharing 12 electrons, something not possible.
    I hope this helped, its been a very long time since I have taken Chemistry.


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