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Why is the Christian celebration of Christmas so un-Christian?

Why do ‘christians’ celebrate to birthday of someone who would give everything he has to help the needy, by having a day where people waste billions of pounds on useless presents, gorge themselves until they are sick and cover their houses with energy wasting lights to display their wealth? All this, while half of the world live in abject poverty, starve to death or die because of the lack of clean water.

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14 Responses to “Why is the Christian celebration of Christmas so un-Christian?”

  1. Panthera Leo; formerly known as Aequitas said :

    Gift giving is rather secular. I’m all for taking the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.

    Perhaps to make it the one holiday celebrating our love for each other that doesn’t exclude people who aren’t family.

  2. Davy O Monkay said :

    Because that’s all christ is, perfunctory tradition

  3. guraqt2me said :

    It’s still August – summer and you are harping on Christmas – already? Get a life – will ya !!!

  4. patterss said :

    Not all Christians celebrate it. Some know it as another pagan tradition introduced by the catholics.

  5. Natalie said :

    christmas isn’t celebrated by just christians. why do people do this. because they have forgotten the true meaning of christmas that’s why. its supposed to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. presents got involved because of a man called st nick. and the food because when a whole family gets together everyone brings food so they can share it and be together with family celebrate. there will always be poverty in the world. so long as satan roams the earth there will be death, disease, and famine. there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns.

  6. SCAMP said :

    The media now owns Christmas, which it promotes for profit. Christians follow like sheep because it appeals to their greed and superficiality.

  7. Nutty Professor said :

    They are just celebrating the pagan origins of their religion. Before christianity people had a feast to mark the mid-winter, that is why they are gorging themselves.

  8. GeeDawg42 said :

    It’s more of a blend of pagan rituals and greed & materialism, spurred on by stores that want to make money before the year ends. You see them decorate for it even before halloween is over. To them it’s all about the money.

    I tend to agree with you that the traditional Christmas celebration isn’t very Christian. But there are exceptions as many do give to the poor, contribute more in serving others during this time of the year. These acts are more Christ-like. It would be nice to see this all year long.

  9. hippo37 said :

    christmas is set where it is so that christianity could compete with some of the old celtic religions who typically had a midwinter feast. Nothing to do with teh birth of Christ for which no specific date is mentioned in teh bible. Its just an excuse for a celebration. Whats wrong with that?

    If you are unhappy about the differences in wealth in the world and consumerism in the West then why just worry about it on one day in the year? How much do you consume yourself that isn’t available to others ? You obviously have access to computers and the internet.

  10. raxivar said :

    It’s called ‘DoubleSpeak’.

    If a used car salesman has to name his lot: “Honest Abe’s”, the one thing you can be sure of is that he is not honest.

    Most of Christianity is not about Christ or the teachings of Christ, it is about the teachings of Saul Antichrist (commonly called ‘Paul’), who taught many things exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught, including elevating Jesus to icon-status, making His life a focus of worship rather than learning.

    And you need to read the gospels a bit more thoroughly – – – Jesus did not teach giving everything (throw not your pearls before swine) to just anyone in need.

    The question you really need to ask is where did these Christian Priests get their authority to be priests? Are they chosen, trained, and ordained by God or by man? If they say they were chosen by God, can they prove it? If they can’t prove it (and Jesus set up some very specific ways to prove it), then why are you paying any attention to them at all?

  11. dsanchez said :

    It’s not a christian celebration! December 25th is a celebration of the sun being reborn 3 days after the winter soltice. We just robbed the idea of xmas off the christians. It’s fun but got nothing to do with any spirituality of any sort

  12. canada bear said :

    The winter solcis(not sure about spelling)was a pagen festival in mid winter.
    The early monks who preached the christian message,realised that
    banning pagen festivals would upset the people,so instead they
    got smart and added a christian message to it,clever? you bet
    it was,and easter?yes the beginning of spring anouther pagen
    festival.So that is why some christian festivals seem to be
    sending out a rather odd message.

  13. greenshootuk said :

    The Christian celebration of Christmas remains, as it always has done, Christian. Christ himself, although someone who cared about the poor and needy, still allowed for people to celebrate occasionally – he even made wine for a wedding feast.

    Many people who are not Christians also celebrate at Christmas and they tend to be the ones indulging in massive light displays, inflatable Santas and other such dross. Of course even they may be people who give significant amounts to charity all the rest of the year – you are, I think, rushing rather hastily to judgement on others.

    And, BTW, the bull about pagan origins is total nonsense.

  14. Vernie Millien said :

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