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Why is my car stopping hard and hard to get rolling again?

My 99 Nissan Pathfinder stops hard even if very little pressure is on the brakes. After it’s stopped, it doesn’t roll forward when I release the brake. It’s difficult to get moving again.

What’s the deal?
None of the rims seem to be hot
None of the rims seem to be hot

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3 Responses to “Why is my car stopping hard and hard to get rolling again?”

  1. Tracy H said:

    You probably have a caliper seizing.
    See if one rim is warmer than the rest after you drive it. If one rim is warmer, it is at that wheel!

  2. jack said:

    it sounds like its not just a caliper because it should pull to one side if so. you may have a master cylinder thats holding to much pressure. i work at a parts store and have seen this frequently

  3. cory l said:

    well your rim’s might not show it, so if you can take a flash light and look at your rotor’s, if you see blue smudges (it will look different with the light) you have a bad caliper because thats the excessive heat that you’re looking for, if not it could be your master cylinder that isn’t fully releasing the pressure it needs to, it’s one or the other at this point, or its a multi-problem which i highly doubt.
    When you check your rotor’s do both sides for the disk brakes (front) it could be both calipers are seized up and not fully releasing your pistons, if so you’re looking at a new rotor, brake pads, and calipers and possibly new brake lines depending on where you live and how rusted out they are.


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