Why has the relationship between teachers and parents degraded so much?

There is a very noticeable lack of bond between parents and teachers. Parents and teachers are now more in opposition today. What has caused that problem?

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6 Responses to “Why has the relationship between teachers and parents degraded so much?”

  1. MAPLE WANNABE said:

    Teachers are fking dumb asses

  2. chuuey said:

    Cause we have moved away from orality to literacy

  3. saad said:

    cause kids r getting dumber and dumber

    also class sizes hve gotten bigger so kids dont get as much attention as they did before so they get bad grades and parents hate teachers

    its datt simple

  4. lenny said:

    I believe that the lack of bond between parents and teachers is due to the lack of the willingness of the parents to get involved in their children’s lives. Due to today’s family economic problems, both parents are now busy working to make both ends meet. Hence, they don’t have as much time to spend in parent-teacher conferences, or even ask the teacher the standing of their children in class. Nowadays, the teachers and parents only get to meet if the child gets in trouble and is called into the principal’s office, and that’s an awkward and sometimes an unfriendly situation to create a good relationship.

    I think, in a way, parents don’t think of teachers as co-partners in raising their kids anymore. They think that as long as they just provide them with their basic needs, their responsibility is done; and if their children fail in school, it is already the teacher’s fault because he isn’t responsible enough, or nurturing enough. The parents don’t realize that it takes both the teachers’ and their own efforts to raise the kids properly; and that starts with the parents spending more time with their children.

  5. Whale Tart said:

    Because parents interfere too much and do not support the teachers.
    You go to a doctor and you keep quiet and listen.
    You go to a hairdresser and you get a haircut, you don’t take the scissors and do the job while she/he is trying to cut your hair.
    You get the plumber to help you and you let him do his job.
    I could go on but I am sure by now you catch my drift.
    So why when it comes to school and teachers you barge in and tell the teachers (who have degrees) what to do and when to do it.
    It is because you gave birth to your child and you feel you have the right.
    But are you sure that you are acting in your child’s best interest when you undermine the authority of the person you will be leaving them with for most of the day?
    You are not there all day while your child is at school, so how do you know that your interference is appropriate?
    Why do we trust all other professionals but not the qualified ones who are helping us bring up and mold our children?
    BTW, there is a big difference between being :
    “Brought Up or just Growing Up”
    What do you teach your child when you criticize the teacher that is teaching him/her.
    You teach them to rebel against authority and so how do you think that poor child’s life will be once they leave school and get their first slap from Authority as in their first Boss?
    I have seen it happen and it is not nice.
    Parents should be put in front of classes for a day and see that it takes a Teacher’s Qualification to control and teach a class of 20 + children.
    I am NOT a teacher, I have just seen this happen and the interfering was so bad in the private school my children were in that I moved and put them in a public school.
    You see, in a private school parents pay more and feel that it is their right to interfere more.

  6. hatorihansotanaka said:

    teachers in general are overworked, overstressed, highly underpaid, whereas many parents nowadays do NOT discipline their kids, do NOT show them respect, and expect for the teachers to take the role of parenting, even the ‘good’ kids model the ‘bad’ kids because unfortunately it’s the cool and popular thing to do; to hate school and your teachers, and unfortunately the fact is most Americans are just plain lazy nowadays, they don’t have the drive and perseverance to do good in school because there are so many easy technical jobs out there. if you think I’m wrong, go to any place of business and look for the people in charge, they’re usually foreigners.


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