Why do girls have to wear makeup to see themselves as beautiful, and guys don’t?

Us women feel the need to put on loads of makeup every day to feel like we look good, but men don’t have to do anything to themselves except fix their hair and their gorgeous! When did we get into the mind state that we have to wear makeup? Why is it different for men?

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26 Responses to “Why do girls have to wear makeup to see themselves as beautiful, and guys don’t?”

  1. ripastanky13 said:

    Men dont want to look pretty

  2. Loose Change™¢ said:

    In most species of the animal kingdom, males wear the gaudy plumage. We have it bass-ackwards. No big surprise there.

  3. Kenny A said:

    it just one of the benefits of being a dude, some women look very scary without makeup.

  4. mental114 said:

    Because we are awesome. Besides, have you ever seen a girl when she wakes up in the morning? Yikes.

  5. LuViiN HiiM x214 said:

    its probably different because they probably don’t care what they look like. girls are too obsessed of how they look.

  6. [email protected] said:

    Guys and girls have diffrent opinions because of their gender. Scientifically, diffrent things appeal to the other sex. For example, boys:
    *think makeup looks bad on men (it does) and thinks it looks cute on girls (I don’t…).


  7. skye said:

    being raised a certain way.

  8. Rocknout said:

    Because girls are very unfortunate to be manipulated by the media and their standard of beauty. This standard can make you fill inadequate very easily men don’t have have it any where near as bad as the ladies.

  9. johnxhan said:

    i am not sure…here’s what i think

    girls liek themselves too much. they go “oh im so pretty!” so then when they see their real selves they dont get so “im so pretty” so they put on makeup.

    whereas (straight/unemo) guys just…like themselves. their cool with that, so they can resist.

    XD its stupid but thats what i think

  10. asliel said:

    men just have a lower standard of attractiveness that theyre measured against. girls cant even make up their mind what they like. some girls like muscles and strong jaw, some like soft features and really skinny. some like skater prep jock whatever like a million different styles. but pretty much all guys all around the world have the same standard for girls. long hair, same kind of facial features, etc. mascara and makeup always make a girl look better. for a man, it makes him look gay in some cultures, hot in some others etc. girls are just all twisted up in their heads.

  11. Claudine S said:

    Unfortunately, there are women who have succumbed to the reliance on makeup for beauty.

    But not all women are like that. Some just don’t bother with it very much, and others don’t bother with it at all.

    In this society that we live in, the importance of appearance is emphasized more for women than for men. Therefore, women usually tend to be at least a bit more driven than men when it comes to making themselves look good. And of course, makeup aids them with that, doesn’t it?

    Edit: Rocknout pretty much said it all…

  12. lizards said:

    I don’t wear make-up and feel just fine with myself. Most girls put too much make-up on anyway. Make-up is meant to enhance features, not change or hide them

  13. Rem said:

    If your truly beautiful you don’t have to wear make-up at all.

  14. HandyMan said:

    They don’t. My wife NEVER wears makeup and I’ll put her up against any model out there. Women who are secure in themselves DON’T have to wear it. But don’t count the guys out, have you seen the makeup aisle lately? Almost 15% is for men…go figure. Just be yourself, a lot of us hate the taste and fake look of makeup, and like our women au natural.

  15. avon calling said:

    Believe me ,if it wasn’t for my makeup Id stay in the house all day!!!lolWe like to look good for ourself as well as others.

  16. SINGLE :( said:

    guys don’t care unless ther gay ♥

  17. aprilmommy06 said:

    I’m with the other girl, I’d hide out in my house without makeup. I think for me, my mom always put on a full face of makeup and wouldn’t leave without it. So I too started 10-12 with makeup because I saw her using it. I think women are naturally way more insecure with our appearance than men are. Men don’t care what people think about them, while women are sensitive to what others think.

  18. Charie said:

    The worst part about this is the fact that when men age they become even more attractive. When women do we look like old hags!! GRRRR, I wish i was born a man…life would be so much simpler! Although….as a man you’re expected to provide, I dont know which is worse lol!

  19. Becky K said:

    If u’re annoyed by wearing make up dont, and if the society believes in it and sees it as something important to put then find alternative ways to look pretty without make up, eat healthy and just put lipstick.

    Men used to wear heels, wigs, and stuff like that….they were equal to women…women started to put make up during the years of the pharohs. Pissing offf….

  20. G said:

    Because when men wear make-up/use creams/pluck their eyebrows they are tagged as GAY! It’s just the way society thinks.

  21. Dorothy H said:

    I’ve done makeovers on men. there are some of them who are respectful of thier skin, the larges organ.They want to take care of it. Not necessarily do the make up,though i have put a little of the minerals powder on them & recommended it to them for the medicinal benefits. They looked better too & it wasnt drastic. Maybe we should do something as a general public to make the men feel self conscience. ( the male is always the prettier of the 2, to vie for the females attention-interesting!)

    But they are right. Women are looked upon as suppose to be beautiful ? or whatever. The means of make-up goes way back to Jezebel in the Bible who wore too much, to Cleopatra. They’ve alwasy adorned women w/it & pretty clothes, but Egyptians all gussied up.

  22. amberwaves251 said:

    Hi Katy!

    Here is my opinion for what it is worth! If all men are like my husband, they do not see any need for improvement when there is something looking back at them in the mirror that they think is ALREADY perfect! Women look in the mirror with a critical eye. They see every flaw and imperfection and it is magnified to them.This is why they think they need makeup to enhance their looks and minimize any flaws. Middle aged men look in the mirror and see someone who is 19 looking back at them! They do not see their wrinkles or flaws! It is a gender thing! I believe that even when my husband is 80 he will still think he looks like that 19 year old kid he was 61 years ago! Have you ever seen a 48 year old guy who STILL thinks he is the perfect match for a 21 year old girl? This is because they do not see themselves as they are! A guy can be bald with dentures and a beer gut and STILL see themselves as they were when they were young! There is some kind of mechanism in their brains that keep them from reality!

  23. cypress said:

    I’m a girl, I never wear makeup. I am considered attractive by people, and I have a boyfriend. Don’t go thinking all girls are like that.

  24. Tracie Kitzman said:

    I think one of your adverts instigated my browser to resize, you could possibly choose to put that on your black list.

  25. Niwe said:

    i’m also

  26. Niwe said:

    Every one has there on choice to wear makeup or not, so, people those wanna enhance their look good can have it.


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