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When you are hungry do you go to the kitchen and get something to eat?

I do because food usually takes away hunger.

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21 Responses to “When you are hungry do you go to the kitchen and get something to eat?”

  1. Tyrell Johnson said:

    I make my shawties make me sandwiches

  2. Ʈђі§ʈƖє™ property of Aldo said:

    No I always pick the phone up and call my chef 😉

  3. spliff cat said:

    I never have anything in the fridge and spend 20 minutes just staring at the empty shelves.

  4. Big Wave Dave™ said:

    No I pray to the food gods to magically make the food appear in my stomach.

  5. Applepie said:


    naw, i just grab a glass of water or some green tea…sometimes a bit too much strong coffee

  6. Dan said:

    “I do because food usually takes away hunger.”

    No, really?

  7. crazyem said:

    I do unless there’s someone around who is compliant and will obey my orders to go fetch me some food.

  8. (AeroSmith]♥; said:

    yes, im always hungry!

  9. Bikini Kill said:

    No, I just sit…Withering away.

    Of course I do. Unless I’m feeling lazy.

  10. Posey Narka™oi oi mate said:

    no keith ive a big box of goodies right by my side lol’

  11. Inkslinger said:

    Me too. Food works good. Guess I was misinformed about the origin of the model 29. Glad you told me. Didn’t know it went back that far. Take it slow, bro.

  12. Daddy Disney said:

    Yeah, it beats going outside & fighting the bears for some fish

  13. Jaz C..... said:

    YER DUH well unless theres something on the table and why would u ask somethin like that it makes u look so dum

  14. Valerie said:

    Not always…I maybe in town…and I run for the nearest restaurant…lol

  15. Saya said:

    I make hash browns.

  16. Lola Rose said:

    Well first i would go for something like coffee or tea,or do seomthign productive, i try to stay away from snacking.
    And if i still feel hungry i would get like a fruit or seomthing.


    But if i ate lunch at like 12pm and it was then like 5pm and wasnt having dinner till like 7 or 8, then i might take soethign liek cereal bar or make a smoothie or something!

  17. Giggles. said:

    No i go to the kitchen, look in the cupboard and fridge and them my mum usually makes me something haha

  18. Zax said:

    Yes, more often than I should.

  19. PKING99 said:

    nah i have a woman for that 😀

  20. Margaret said:

    That’s the logical thing to do. But having 3 teens that won’t bother leaving me something in the fridge, I rather go in my room having one of those snacks I set aside just in case…

  21. Debby R said:

    most of the time


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