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What’s your favorite and least favorite sign from each element? How do you feel about the remaining sign?

Your sun, moon, rising, and houses?

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8 Responses to “What’s your favorite and least favorite sign from each element? How do you feel about the remaining sign?”

  1. Red Equinox; Dark Prince said:

    Water Fave: Scorpio
    Water Least Fave: None

    Fire Fave: Aries
    Fire Least Fave: None

    Earth Fave: Taurus
    Earth Least Fave: Capricorn

    Air Face: Gemini
    Air Least Fave: Aquarius

    Sun Aries
    Moon Aries
    Rising Gemini

  2. ricestory said:

    Favourite Earth – VIRGO
    Favourite Air – Gemini
    Favourite Fire – Leo
    Favourite Water – CANCER

    Least Favourite Earth – Capricorn
    Least Favourite Air – AQUARIUS
    Least Favourite Fire – Aries
    Least Favourite Water – Pisces

    Libra is ok at times, but too into aesthetics.. not my style.
    Taurus is great and down to earth, but boring.

    Sun – Virgo
    Moon – Taurus
    Rising – Scorpio

  3. babiee gurll said:

    all i kno is that im a water rooster && loving it! && the ocean <3

  4. Scully ♑♊♋♏ said:

    Favorite- Pisces
    Least favorite- Cancer
    I like Scorpios but they sometimes scare me

    Favorite- Sagittarius
    Least favorite- Leo
    I like Aries men but not Aries women

    Favorite- Libra
    Least favorite- Aquarius
    I like Geminis, but not as much as I like Libras

    Favorite- Capricorn
    Least favorite- Virgo
    I think Taurus people are too stubborn, but they’re ok

  5. grim said:

    Fave Earth =Virgo
    Least Fave Earth = Capricorn
    Taurus are down to earth, but to stubborn.

    Fave Air = Libra
    Least Fave Air = Aquarius
    I love Gemini, but the constant switching from active to passive sometimes drives me nuts.

    Fave Fire = Leo
    Least Fave Fire = Aries
    Sag are cool, but too optimistic.

    Fave Water = Scorpio
    Least Fave Water = Pisces
    Cancer tend to be too moody.

  6. ciccio pasticcio said:

    my favourite Earth Sign Taurus
    my least favourite Earth sign Capricorn

    my favourite Air sign Libra
    my least favourite Air sign Gemini

    my favourite Water sign Scorpio
    my least favourite Water sign Pisces

    my favourite Fire sign Aries
    my least favourite Fire Sign Leo


  7. Blair Ci said:

    -Fav: Gemini
    -Least fav: none

    -Fav: Cancer
    -Least fav: Scorpio

    -Fav: Virgo
    -Least fav: Capricorn

    -Fav: Aries and Sagittarius
    -Least fav: Leo

  8. Annamae Coppage said:

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