What would you do if you were 20 and never had a boyfriend?

Would you be happy and content? Desperate? Positively sure that something was really wrong with you? Totally give up on yourself?

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10 Responses to “What would you do if you were 20 and never had a boyfriend?”

  1. jeff said:

    grow a mustache and start wearing jean shorts0

  2. Steven N said:

    Just be patient and keep working/improving on yourself. Don’t rush anything with anyone.

  3. Nicole said:

    kill myself. just kidding.

  4. mumei said:

    I would probably be extremely frustrated, a little desperate, but content in knowing that it will come, since I am only 20 and it’s not all THAT bad. I would want to wait rather than rush into something stupid, just because I’m well aware that 12 year olds are now capable or relationships but it doesn’t mean it is worth anything.

  5. Donut said:

    life aint getting any younger. find a good lookin guy tag him and bag him.

  6. c k said:

    Break out of your shell and find some friends to hang out with. You need to get out and experience life instead of staying locked up in your home.

  7. Alex F said:

    I would be fine. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! Giving up leads to failure, trust me on that one. I’m a guy who hasn’t had a girlfriend, (I’m 16) I gave up on my self, and believe me, it ended up getting me in to too much stuff. Just wait, go out and try to meet guys, I’m sure you’ll find someone! I’m confident in you!

  8. Taylurh said:

    I would go get plastic surgery.. but that’s just me. I know i’m not the prettiest.. and I have always wanted my nose done.

    If you’re pretty.. it’s probably the person’s attitude. Change it. Make that person more respectful and less about them self.

    Never give up… once you give up..everyone will give up on you.

    If this is you that you are referring to, (hopefully it isn’t) then just smile. Go to a local single dating club or try online dating. Never lie about yourself.. BE YOU! You is what the person will love, not the person you’re trying to be.

    Hope whoever this is referring to (or if it is just a random question) has great luck.. and THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR YOU! <3

  9. Brain_scurvey said:

    Since when is having a boyfriend a prerequisite to happiness? Give your self some time. You’ll know when it’s right.

  10. Macie Fee said:

    It is a subject this really is near to my heart. Take care!


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