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What pokemon is 146 in the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond, and where can I find it?

I have been searching high and low, and I still can not find pokemon 146 that is keeping me from obtaining the national dex. Please help me.

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22 Responses to “What pokemon is 146 in the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond, and where can I find it?”

  1. roflyounotfunny said:

    It’s Moltres.

  2. prithjaganathan said:

    either uxie, mesprit, or azelf check the lakes for them. hope u find em

  3. dimabima said:

    It’s Moltres and you can find him on victory road.

  4. zerbej1134 said:

    moltres here is how to get it

  5. King J said:

    Since its not the National dex, its probably a pokemon you missed on the way. It is possible for it to be either Uxie, Mesprit or Axel(I think…) or maybe Munchlax?

  6. Naruto3581 said:

    First to answer that question #146 in the pokedex in Diamond is Uxie that Pokemon in inside one of the three lakes of sinnoh, inside a cave it is a very hard Pokemon to catch.

    ^_^Waiting for Pokemon Platinum coming out march man^_^

  7. Imer said:

    The 149th pokemon is Uxie. He can be found at Lake Aquarity by Snowpoint City.

  8. Sterling C said:

    pokemon # 146 is UXIE. as you probably know, there is only one of this pokemon in your game. it is found at ACUITY CEVERN, in ACUITY LAKE and is near snowpoint city at the top of your map. since it is a legendary you will need to youse lots of balls to catch it so stock up on timer balls unless u have a masterball that you want to use against it. you don’t need to catch it to have it in your pokedex though. hope this helps!

  9. Timothy said:

    Its “Moltres” on the National Dex, also Sinnoh on Pokemon Diamond only has 106 Pokemon on its Pokedex.

  10. Olivia G said:

    Pokemon # 146 in Sinnoh: Uxie

    If i remember correctly, Uxie is one of the pokemon you find at the lake. This one is pretty hard to catch, but out of all of them i think this one’s the best.

    Pokemon #146 in National: Moltres
    Not available in the game, unless via trade, or pal park.

  11. shadowmaster97 said:

    its uxie and u can find him in one of the lake caves. save before fighting him. once u capture him, u can get the national dex.

  12. Fernando said:

    I’ll be glad to help! I am going to give you both Pokedex.

    Sinnoh Pokedex:
    The Pokedex #146 is Uxie, The Being of Knowledge.

    He can be found in Lake Acuity (After visiting Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet.

    For more Information, go here..

    National Pokedex:
    The Pokedex #146 is Moltres, the “Fire Titan.”

    To my knowledge you can find him in the Pokemon game LeafGreen and FireRed. So you have to bring him by migrating him from the Pal Park.

    If you have does games, you can find him in Mt. Ember Peak.

    For more Information, go here…

    Hope I’d help!

  13. Kevin T said:

    It’s Uxie and you can find Uxie in Lake Acuity’s cave.
    You need to visit spear pillar in mount coronet and battle dialga/palkia before you can battle Uxie.

  14. Joanna-Marie said:

    Glad to help! In the Sinnoh Pokedex, #146 is Uxie, one of the three ‘brother’ pokemon at the lakes, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. You can find Uxie at the Lake Acuity cavern. Be sure you have pokemon that aren’t much higher than Level 50, and stuff like that. Good luck!

  15. Salamaderboy said:

    it is Uxie the psychic lengendary pokemon and can be caught left of Snowpoint City in the cave at the centre of Lake Acuity.

  16. kajetan k said:

    Uxie. It’s a Legendary which can be found in the cave on the little island on Lake Acuity. Catch it with Dusk Balls. Changing it’s status doesn’t help.

  17. Rebecca said:

    It’s Uxie .
    It’s the lake near snowpoint city.

  18. arceusmen said:


  19. Linmei A said:

    Number 146 is Uxie. Acuity Cavern is where it is found. The Cavern is located in the middle of Lake Acuity (oddly enough) which is just west of Snowpoint City. But you only have 1 chance to battle and catch it, so I suggest that you save before battling it and have lots of ultaballs.

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