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What is this driver and where can I upgrade it?

I’m planning to upgrade to Windows 7, and I ran the upgrade advisor, and it said that this one driver not compatible with windows 7. It is called NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller.

Does anyone know what this is?
Also, where can I update it for it to become compatible with windows 7?

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4 Responses to “What is this driver and where can I upgrade it?”

  1. Ketty Moor said :

    If you are unable to update the driver then download it from this link. Select your product and download.

  2. Ammonia said :

    U can use drivermax – free for two drivers downloads per day. I think you would have to separately install Windows 7 by booting from DVD. Why do you want to upgrade?

  3. Ifarawayfromhome Sss said :

    hi, did you try the nvidia site to see whether the compatible one is available? if yes and no help there, hope these links can help you upgrade: vista drivers may work)
    good luck

  4. Nicholas Reese said :

    It says so as your driver is not the latest and is not compatible with win7

    since you are not able to find the drivers you can try the driver updating applications like Driver Agent or Advanced Driver Optimizer they will get you the latest updates 4 ur drivers so u dont have to search them they will download the latest updates and will install them .

    u can try there trial version to see if they show updates. I prefer Advanced Driver Optimizer as with it I have to just scan and can update all my drivers in single click just a best optimizer for driver.

    The best part is if it installed incorrect driver then I can roll back using their restore facility.


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