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What is the difference between a burnisher and a floor machine?

I see some are called burnisher and some called floor machine.. and NSS sells both so I’m confused!

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between a burnisher and a floor machine?”

  1. supaflygrl_k said :

    probably the same thing….ask the guy

  2. Not bilingual said :

    I think one does more of a polishing and the other actually sands?

  3. Gary S said :

    A floor burnisher restores the shine on a wax finished floor. It has abrasive discs (different colors for different applications) that “burn” the surface. This machine you usually walk behind and push like a lawn mower..Can also be battery operated, which is great for larger areas since you dont have to fight the extension cord. A floor machine is more multi functional. It can even clean carpeting using the “bonnet” method. It usually doesnt have as much rpm as some burnishers. It will still polish the flooring but is usually electrical, so the cord is usually in the way. This machine you work it side to side and can take longer in doing a floor. Also NSS is a great brand


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