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What is the best teeth whitening product to use at home?

I have seen the prices of going in and getting it done.
Some places are just extortionate.
I understand it can be done at home…has anyone done so and could you kindly advise on a good product?

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11 Responses to “What is the best teeth whitening product to use at home?”

  1. Five Chins said :


  2. kallisti1987 said :

    avoid tea, coffee, and cigaretters. Blanx toothpaste is a good one.

  3. Paramedic Girl said :

    Crest White Strips are good. I would however use the 14 day ones… the longer it takes to bleach teeth the better the results… as well it lasts longer.

    Laser treatments are expensive but are fast results. However, it does not last as long.

  4. Isaac S said :


  5. datbizymom said :

    50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. I use a cap full of each together, swish for a minute then rinse with water. Brush your teeth right after.

  6. Hugo V said :

    DON’T get them done at a dentists, its expensive and it dosent work

  7. ? said :

    baking soda and peroxide. wont strip teeth’s enamel.

  8. [email protected] said :

    I’ve read on-line that swishing a mixture of water and Hydrogen Peroxide (found in the First-aid isle of the grocery store) in your mouth for 5 minutes whitens your teeth. I just started doing it today. The mixture is half water, and half Hydrogen Peroxide. Don’t use too much because it tends to expand a bit while in your mouth. The best time to do it is once a day, and while you are in the shower.

    I’ve also noticed that using the Arm & Hammer toothpaste whitened my teeth a bit, unlike those other ones that claim whiten them. It comes in a yellow box.

  9. Jodie a said :

    for best whiting results it doesnt just depends on the toothpaste… its also the mouthwash and dental floss that you use and how regularly you brush.
    some of the best whitining toothpaste’s are ‘pearl drops’ and ‘BEVERLY HILLS ‘ is also a good one… you can find them in beauty stores such as boots or even your pharmacy.
    any mouthwash and dental floss will do… you can get some that say ‘whitining’ on them
    not only this but if you have a cheap toothbrush then that wont get into all the grooves etc.. get a percise clean one… you can also pick them up cheap from most places
    also avoid coffee, tea, caffeen of any sort, oh and smoking
    brush your teeth at least twice a day… some people even do it after breakfast, lunch and dinner 😀
    hope iv helped 😀

  10. Kitt said :

    I am over 50 and have super white teeth since I look after them. I use a good hand tooth brush the new Blend-a dent is great along with a slight abrasive tooth cream like Theramed or Pearl . I also use a tooth gel with pro polis in it like Aloe-Vera tooth gel by FLP you can get similar in some leading herbal shops. (That keeps away gum infection and keeps you teeth super white) I drink coffee and tea daily and still super white teeth, but have a good diet of fruit and veg. mouth wash keep to a minimum, since you have natural bacteria in your mouth which helps to digest your food, and travels with your food to the stomach. If you kill this you will have problems later such as colon or stomach problems since your food will not be correctly digested, instant problems will be seen as wind and flatulence, Kill the good bacteria and you can have other problems so balance with yogurts with cultures or take Prebiotic tablets

  11. Ethan said :

    Tooth whitening gives best results when bleach is appliedinto a device (bleach tray) you wear at night. It usually takes 2 weeks. Don’t be fooled into getting in surgery bleaching as it gives poorer results that have minimal longevity. It’s not the product that matters it’s what is in the product. I suggest any bleach that is classifies as 10% or 16% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). The higher percentage has increased incidence of sensitivity so start low and if not effective enough in two weeks step up to the higher percentage


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