What is the best semi-pro digital slr camera?

I’m planning to improve my photography skills and maybe take it up semi-professionally and I want a good (money not really an issue) digital camera to start off with. I am quite artistic and have no worries over composition. I want a camera that I can use different lenses with and that has a great resolution for poster size prints. What are your suggestions?

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20 Responses to “What is the best semi-pro digital slr camera?”

  1. Kev J said:

    I recommend the Canon EOS 50D. This has everything you’ll need and a fantastic 15MP resolution. It’s the best camera by far for the money. It ain’t cheap though.

  2. Paul S said:

    I’ve been told that the nikon d3 is a very good choice

  3. MellowMan said:

    But for less money and still very good a ‘Comparison winner’ and Which ‘Best Buy’
    Canon EOS 1000D. About £350.

  4. Tim said:

    Do you own a DSLR camera already? Photography isn’t a hobby/art form that you can become good at by buying the best camera and expensive lenses. A professional with a crappy camera will produce better photos than a beginner with a professional camera. Look at Nikon D40’s or Canon EOS Rebels for now. With skill comes the need for better cameras.

    Horatiou- Not all Nikon Camera’s use SD. The pro-sumer models use CF. The D300 and D3 and D3x uses CF. Get your facts straight!!!

  5. Elvis said:

    All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think about getting a spare battery, what size memory card, if you want an extended warranty, how much you can afford, what size zoom, if you want manual controls, the size of the camera, finding a reliable place to purchase it, and the list goes on and on and on…….

    The first thing to realize is that almost any digital camera will take good pictures. If more people would read the manual more than once, they would be able to take better pictures. Usually, the person assumes it is the camera when it could be them not knowing exactly what to do. Just give yourself more photographic knowledge by doing more reading on the internet.

    I really believe buying a camera is an individual choice.
    The person needs to read alot of reviews on cameras so they can decide on the features that they really want and need.
    Go to the store and hold them so you can see if they feel comfortable in your hands. If possible, take some pictures in the store to check the quality of the pictures.
    I can only give a suggestion of what to look for in a new digital camera.
    Good Luck

    my suggestion
    go to this link for help


  6. Jack F said:

    Nikon D300 should do you, but is it within your budget? Who knows? You haven’t told us what your budget is!!

  7. Jim A said:

    Thank you Tim!!!! I’ve never seen it stated better. I worked as a pro for many years. The problem these days is, the way the manufacturers market, you’d think anyone on planet Earth could pick up one of these things and start taking professional looking photos – doesn’t happen.
    I liken it to playing the piano. Years of practice, lots of hard work and solid drive will show you the way to good photos, nothing else.

    Thanks again Tim – very well put!!!!

  8. EE dude said:

    My opinion leans towards the D90 as a reasonably advanced feature camera without the monster price tag. Beyond that then I’d say the D300.

  9. Patrick B said:

    Did you work for AIG and received a large BONUS?
    If you really want to do “POSTER SIZE PRINTS… “
    Then your best bet would be an FF–DSLR Camera that is 20mp or better…
    The price for the Camera ONLY will go from $2500.oo to infinity…
    Be prepared to spend twice or triple that for Lenses and other assorted accessories alone.
    Hope you have very deep pockets…
    And if money is no object… can you adopt me… I would like to have a Nikon D3X with a few Zeiss prime lenses and a Nikon 200-400mm lens for my birthday

  10. Fishmeister said:

    In Canon’s range (and I can highly recommend them)

    40D – This is the camera body that I use, it is superb, all images on my site were taken with a 40D


    50D – One step up from the 40D, to be honest there is not enough in extra features to warrant an upgrade for me, it is pretty much the same camera as the 40D. But if buying new, and money is not and issue (as you stated before) then you should consider this body.

    In Canon’s range the quality/specs change like this.

    1000D/XXXD range – Amateur (eg 450D)
    XXD range – Serious Amateur/Semi Pro (eg 50D)
    XD range – Pro (eg 1D)

    The 1000D somebody recommended earlier is not suitable for what you want to do, it is capable of great pictures, but is certainly not semi pro.

    Regardless of the body that you choose, the most important this you should be considering is the lenses you are combining with it. It is the lenses that matter, a good camera body will last maybe a few years, a good lens will last a lifetime. If you can be more specific about the type of photography you are looking at doing, I will give you some lens recommendations.

  11. Horatiu said:

    Go to a photography store and try holding the Canon 40D and 50D, the Nikon D90 and the D300. These are all semi-pro cameras. For Canons, you’ll have to invest in CF memory, for Nikon, in SD. When it comes to lens, I noticed Nikon has the same lens at cheaper prices, but then so do other lens manufacturers.
    It all comes down to personal choice and a lot of research into what you’ll be doing and how can you eventually buy up a system that suits you.

    Good luck

  12. miwa said:

    Highly recommend Nikon D300,picture quality are excellent.
    12.3-megapixel captures enough detail for poster-size photo-quality prints 3.0-inch LiveView LCD display; new 51-point AF system
    In burst mode, shoots up to 100 shots at full 12.3-megapixel resolution
    Self-cleaning sensor unit; magnesium alloy construction with rubber gaskets and seals

  13. Nolin said:

    a nice camera is the Sony A-350 its a great starter cam. Thats what i started with about a year ago and i’ve loved it since the day i bought it.

  14. Priya R said:

    You can find no of semi pro digital camera like Canon EOS 450D – SLR digital camera at Exspecto UK at cheap price.

  15. Mr.K said:

    There are many good company and almost are good for its way,

    by my opine Nicon D3 is best option,
    checkout for other model too

  16. john h said:

    I prefer Canon but the advice I will give is try 3 or 4 different makes and see what you find most comfortable to use, as a guide look at Canon, Nikon, and the Fuji s5 slr either of those makes and you wont go far wrong

  17. hipp5 said:

    I’ll have to second Horatiu on the camera suggestions (although not on the memory card claim). For Canon you’ll probably be looking at the 40D or 50D and for Nikon it’ll probably be the D90 or D300. Brand-wise, choose the one that suits your personal taste. I can’t stand the way Nikons feel so I will only ever have a Canon. Other people are the opposite. Model-wise, get the one that suits your budget.

    If you’re serious about photography and don’t already have lenses, there’s absolutely no reason to go with a brand other than Nikon or Canon.

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