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What is the best and cheapest online travel website?

I am planning to travel to a few different countries during the winter holidays and I am looking for the a travel site that offers cheap air fare. I don’t have a ton of money so I am hoping to find cheap tickets to save a little money.

Can anyone share their experiences or cite any sites that are reliable ofter cheap tickets?


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11 Responses to “What is the best and cheapest online travel website?”

  1. The End said :

    Just buy directly from airlines. You aren’t going to find a better deal from 3rd parties sites. A lot of those sites that sell flight tickets for less aren’t very legit.

  2. Gerald J said :

    I agree with the first answer, I like buying directly from the airlines. They usually have the best prices and you don’t have to deal with a 3rd party if you have a problem or need to make changes. is a good website to check for prices, they search the airline and travel websites and link you to those websites if you want to make a purchase.

  3. Charity Name said :

    Travelocity all the way or kayak. They both are good.

  4. Alisha said :

    Its better if you go to buy airline tickets to airports but today’s life is very fast, no much time to to and buy, and now-a-days lots of people having internet connection to our mobile, laptop etc. so its very easiest way to book online travel tickets. There is best and cheapest online travel websites are…

  5. kapn said :

    One site may be slightly lower than another but the supply and demand economic rule applies to all financial transactions…..make your purchase on reliability and common sense……what will work for you…….and……..your travel requirements…..always use trusted and ethical travel sites…….yahoo travel…….orbitz……travelocity……expidea or club type membership….AAA or AARP. Take a moment to make sure a cheap ticket is worthwhile and reliable……..I can’t recommend any one site…….its up to you to search and decide what is right for you. If you see what appears to be a good deal … grab it…don’t worry if the price goes up our down a little bit next week……

  6. potatochip said :

    There is no one website that will be the cheapest all the time otherwise everyone would go there to buy their tickets and all the other travel websites would go out of business. You can check out or You can also see if there are discount airlines in the places you are going. AirAsia flies in Asia and you have RyanAir nd EasyJet in Europe. Another option is to see if a travel agent can help build an itinerary for you.

  7. Elizabeth H said :

    Not all flight comparison websites search every airline or destination. Try a site with multiple choices such as:

  8. CARLOS O said :
  9. Geo Tip said :

    Lowest Airfare Guarantee on all Winter Flights Plus Save more than $20 Instantly or by using Coupon WINTER10. Book Now! Offer valid until Jan. 31st, 2011.

  10. Matty g said :


    I got some cheap tickets here

    here another great site

  11. chububobcat中部山猫 said :

    I have used them a few times:

    If your flying out of the US, you can try:

    I used them once and they were significantly cheaper than anyone else.

    Others say to use the Airline websites, but really your not going to find any kind of cheap deals with them except for short domestic flights maybe since they will only fly within their own air group and have limited hubs. However, for international transit your better off using travel sites that can bundle different airlines together who other wise wouldn’t fly together, and give you more options of where to depart on more days to get the cheapest prices.

    Cheapoair seems to be a good site too but I haven’t used it, and Kayak seems to be another good site.
    Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire are good sites too but can be a little expensive, and Priceline is another good site since you can “name your own price”.

    Have fun traveling


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