What is it with men and stockings/tights?

I’ve always heard that men have a thing for women who wear panty hoes, stockings and tights. If this is still true in the 21st century, could someone explain?

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9 Responses to “What is it with men and stockings/tights?”

  1. Answer Master said:

    It just looks so dam sexy.

  2. Madison said:

    They are interested in hoes…like u

    Panty hoes

  3. That Guy (BU) said:

    idk….but it’s hot.

  4. Michael from UK said:

    Tights = no no

    Stockings = yes yes

    It’s the hint of bare flesh above the stocking. Oh yeah.

  5. Spot said:

    For many women…they make their legs look just that much more enticing. As for me, being an ex-mechanic with rough calloused hands….I always found it a challenge to run my hand up and down them without snagging a hole in them.

  6. ja2000men said:


  7. Easyyyyy said:

    Its just soo hot how it defines every curve and the material is soo thin…

    Its just HOT no explaination needed

  8. robbie said:

    yes its true you look sexier and feel sexier

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