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What happens when you hit rock bottom, and feel all alone?

Ive felt alone for so long. I have friends but i cant share everything with them and i just got into a huge fight with all my close friends, and they don’t want to be friends anymore. It wasn’t even my fault. So, im kind of finished .

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9 Responses to “What happens when you hit rock bottom, and feel all alone?”

  1. John said :

    Talk to someone. Don’t do anything irrational, just keep your head up, everything will get better eventually.

  2. dreamloverr0518 said :

    cheer up emo kid. =] things are gonna get better.

  3. Valencianista said :

    are you between 13-18? not trying to put you down more with that question, but it’s a natural thing, i went through it and i thought i was finished, soon your mind will mature and you’ll simply grow out of it, i used to be so unsocial, now i tend to be more active when meeting new people or being with friends, squabbles are ok they happen all the time..i know you heard this before but when you grow up you’ll definitely look back and say “why was i like that?”, it’s a thing almost everyone passes through, we’re growing up and we’re changing, we might pass through negatives before we get the big positives.

  4. freelady77 said :

    when i hit rock bottom i tried to kill myself but i do not advise you to do that. i hurt a lot of people who reallly love me. and i have to live with what i have done everyday. and believe me it is not worth it. things will get better just hang in there and be tough. maybe if you just try talking with your friends you will find one that will still listen to you

  5. jUST THiNk said :

    Remember god is your compass and he’s always by your side!!

  6. David Parker said :


    Hobbies will distract you from your aloneness and hopefully get you out and about to make new friends.

  7. Evee T said :

    remember you’re not alone!

  8. lane said :

    Put the number for the suicide hotline on you cell phone, that’s what I did.

  9. fuu said :

    i felt that its the worst feeling ever felt


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