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What games could me and my mates play with an american football without contact?

We don’t have any equipment and were 14 so hitting each other would hurt, what gams could you suggest that we could have fun playing without contact

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6 Responses to “What games could me and my mates play with an american football without contact?”

  1. Joe Shmoe said:

    Play football but instead of tackling just 2 hand touch eachother it’s a fun backyard game to play

  2. Swaffles said:

    play football with two hand touch or flag football

  3. Mike H said:

    play flag football – i you don’t have any flags, use socks and tuck them in your waistband.

    some people can spend hours just playing catch with it.

    Or you could set up trash cans and try to put the ball into the bucket from a long ways away.

    Or , you could practice long passes, or complicated plays, where one person is the quarterback and the other person is a receiver, pretending to dodge opponents. It’s more challenging than just playing catch.

    Or, you could see who can kick and throw it the farthest.

  4. Nope said:

    we used to play two hand touch. Since it’s easy to run and touch someone two hands above the waist, we would make it so it had to be below the waist (I know some idiots will read this and think it’s gay, but that’s just the morons….) legs, hips, etc…. Or you could get a bathroom wash towel and stuff half of it down the back of your pants….then someone has to fully grab it from you before you’re “down”.

  5. Helper Monkey said:

    ultimate football. you can look the rules up on wikipedia. it’s one of my favorites.

    but basically, who ever has the ball stands still and must throw the ball to one of his teammates. when that teammate catches the ball, they must stop, but the guy who threw the ball can now run. If the team that threw the ball drops it, it automatically goes to the other team.

    It’s a very fast pace, minimal contact (no tackling, but you’ll have some pushing off and stuff) and it’s a lot of fun.

  6. Sachiko Thursby said:

    I couldn’t resist from commenting. Very well written!

  7. yakupov.dr said:


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