What do you think of lady gaga claiming to support gays and their rights?

Do you think she’s truly passionate about the cause or just does it for ally he attention she receives?I personally love lady gaga but many of my friends are against her and say she gives gays a bad name, do you agree with this?

With or against lady gaga?

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9 Responses to “What do you think of lady gaga claiming to support gays and their rights?”

  1. AverageJoe *Check out my Profile said:

    I think she’s a talented performer and one hell of a marketer for a target audience.
    Am I a fan of her music, not so much.
    As for her stance on gay rights, I have no idea, I don’t know her personally or well enough to get a vibe whether she’s for real or not.
    Regardless, I would have to assume that she means it.

  2. Lost Thyme said:

    I don’t know her so I can’t say for sure..but she seems honest in her support for the LGBT community.

    -edit Shor.. She calls ALL her fans “little monsters.” She refers to them that way in interviews all the time. There’s nothing racist about that..haha.

    -edit x2

    lol Shor <3

  3. Shor_loves Notgoodenoughforlove. said:

    I feel like she is not very passionate about it. As long as she supports it that’s all that matters.
    It’s hard to really be passionate about some things, like I support feminism but I’m not really passionate about it, just like many other people:)

    I think she is kind of racist though, to go to Japan and write on that purse that she loves her “little monster” and even said that too. Just because Asians are short. That comment is a huge mistake.
    I’m kind of offended by it because I’m Asian and to call me little is really offensive. I’m 5’11.

    Edit: Omg she really calls all her fans little monsters? Hmmm, okay my mistake;P I didn’t know that. Eh hea. Me embarrassed now;P

  4. Precious Duran said:

    I’ve read articles of Gaga explaining how she feels about gay rights & she seems sincere. I don’t think she gives gays a bad name at all. And I’ve read interviews from gay people that have been in her music videos and they are always saying how passionate she is.

    Btw, as for that comment from that Shor person…”Little Monsters” is what she calls ALL of her fans. There was nothing racist about that.

  5. Cp said:

    with LG , cause she bi and she help are people get the message that we are like everyone , humans , in this world we can be gay and love one other . i see that she re present our community

  6. holoa said:

    LOL i just saw a commercial for the movie grownups and they all peed in the pool and it turned blue. Ur freinds shouldnt say that because lady gaga is just trying to be supportive and she probably does it so more ppl will like her and stuff

  7. Krystyna said:

    i think gays should be married
    i have nothing against it

  8. Legend_Maraj said:

    I think she supports it,for one there the reason that she is here mostly,she is bi-sexual,and I think she does way to much support for her to be faking it and also I dont think he supporting the gays will get her much publicity

  9. Rosalyn Zalar said:

    There will be a considerable increase in expenses for.


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