What color and type of furniture should I use for a light beige room?

My parents and painting their room beige and i get to pick the new furniture and decorations… help?

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  1. wonderful said:

    Living room decorating is always a hot topic in house fix up. And there are a lot of people ask for good ideas for their living room design, they even pay much on decorating consulting. In fact, if we have some color collocation knowledge, we can make a perfect living room decorating.

    Generally speaking, there are mainly four decorating themes:

    1. Vivid theme. The main color is yellow and orange. We suggest using orange carpet, yellowish-white curtain, and wall painted white. The sofa and ceiling should be in light gray color, with some green plants to embellish.

    2. Romantic theme. The main color is soft pink. Sofa, cushion, and curtain all in soft pink and it is good to have light blue shadow on it to create a different romantic feeling.

    3. Classic elegance theme. The main color is rose and light purple. Using rose carpet and sofa, sofa color should be denser. The curtain can be light purple with light shadow character. Living room wall painted grayish-white.

    4. Fresh theme. The main color is light green and sky blue. This is a very simple living room decorating : wall and ceiling painted sky blue, using white living room furniture, most importantly, you need a light green curtain.

  2. LloydBurrell said:

    Your question leaves open hundreds of possible answers. Light beige is one of the most easy to combine colors. You should keep in mind that you want your colors match your furniture’s style so be careful when you choose the accessories.

    Lloyd Burrell


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