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what are some ideas for camping with my friend and brothers friend?

so im going camping this weekend and both me and my older brother are bringing a friend. i really like his friend but i wouldnt want to go out with him.. i just want him to think i’m a cool sister. what are some things guys like to do cuz my brother suggested we all four hang out. what are some good ideas that 17 year old guys are interested in?

thanks 🙂

thanks 🙂

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3 Responses to “what are some ideas for camping with my friend and brothers friend?”

  1. Kortney Roberts said :

    you guys should all tye dye shirts. haha iknow it sounds really corny, but it was the funnest thing that i have done in a long time and i’m 20 🙂 i was the only girl and went camping with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends (20 and 21 yrs) and they had a blast. you should look into it! 🙂

  2. Love+Hate=? said :

    Camping eh?
    Well i would try to find a lake of some sort and all go swimming in it then a bonfire. bonfires are always the best fun with awesome conversation’s that make it better.

  3. Kridden said :

    There is fishing canoing hunting hiking.


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