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Taekwondo Vs. Jujitsu Which is better? and is it bad to take 2 different styles at the same time?

Ive been taking taekwondo for about 3 months i really like it but theres a jujitsu gym by my house also i was wondering which is better in a street fight and also better in general i was also wondering if your new to martial arts is it bad to take two at once or should i just take one and get really good in one or take two and put 50/50 effort in both need some advice from a martial artist thanks.

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9 Responses to “Taekwondo Vs. Jujitsu Which is better? and is it bad to take 2 different styles at the same time?”

  1. Dylan said :

    Jujitsu is much better. I have done Taekwondo for 8 years and i can tell you Muay Thai and Jujitsu makes it look like nothing.

  2. King said :

    Taekwondo is striking
    Jiu Jitsu is grappling

    two different kind of martial arts

  3. Derek said :

    you should be specific on which jujitsu you are referring to. jujitsu by itself is japanese in origin. unless you specify brazillian jiu-jitsu.

    it doesn’t matter which version your referring to you should still take it. but don’t quit tae kwon do. tae kwon do gets a bad reputation but it really is a good style. the only real issue with it is that many studios don’t train their hands, this makes them very limited technically. but if yours adds hands then it is a good studio. muay thai has a reputation as being a good hard style. and I will agree that it is a hard style. I wouldn’t agree that its a good style but hard style definately. you will become better technically from tae kwon do and less limited in what you can do.

    muay thai: this is a fighting/sport system which can be very brutal but is very limited. because modern muay thai doesn’t have forms/advanced techniques/ or concepts aside from the basic punch kick combo with elbows and knees they are limited to just being able to do that. I don’t recommend muay thai to anyone. they sacrafice technique for power. and power is everything. I don’t agree with that concept.

    tae kwon do: tkd is a good style. I really didn’t begin to see everything that I was missing in TSD (very similar to tkd) until I joined aikido (very similar to japanese jujitsu). you can learn different ideas by exploring the basics, the stances, chambers, and ideas that go with them. these concepts that are in the traditional arts are what allow people to achieve higher levels then the basic game of tag played by most fighters.

    if its brazillian jiu-jitsu you should still go in but just know its a sport system not a street system. you should never go to the ground in a real fight. bjj would also dissapear if people were allowed to punch to the groin kick the head or bite. then a lot of these techniques would dissapear. but that being said I do enjoy bjj. its a good sport system that everybody should at least know the basics of. its also a good workout and a heck of a lot of fun.

    in studying more then one system you can understand techniques from different perspectives. this can allow you to learn quicker and get more concepts. also more training is always a good thing.

  4. gspfan512 said :

    it comes down to if you were in a street fight would you wanna kick someone and maybe hurt them or take them to the ground and break their arm or choke them out. I dont know? which one seems more affective?

    – to me it seems like jujitsu

  5. Jeff said :

    Hi ,
    If you want to vary your style why not do a mixed martial art… Zen Do Kai mixes shoot wrestling (aka ground work & grappling) with kick boxing, freestyle Karate & others and if you like one style better they do specialise into specific areas also.
    Also there is combined martial arts ( C.M.A. for short) a Korean Martial Art that combines tai kwondo (footwork & kicks), kong sudo (blocks punches etc) & hapkido.
    These are but 2 different martial arts that have a combination aof styles.
    It would be less confusing & cost less to take a comined style martial arts than to go back & forward between 2 different styles.

  6. Yahoo said :

    Assuming you are taking about Brazilian Jiujitsu, then, it will destroy TKD in a 1 vs 1 match. This said, TKD focuses on striking and BJJ focuses on grappling. It is very good to take both.

  7. ksnake10 said :

    It’s better to master one fighting system before beginning another.

  8. Krissy Maxxy said :

    i can tell from experience that it takes longer to earn a black belt in jiu jitsu than it does to earn one in taekwondoe. jiu jitsu takes years to master. if you want to master the arts quickly then go with taekwondoe but if you have time then go with jiu jitsu, plus JJ is better if you want to get into MMA.

  9. Myles said :

    ive never studied taekwondo but i know several pepole that have and believe that it is just a sport. its better to have that then nothing but id rather take anything else. and at the same time…no if you can keep up the stamina but definately two or three within a lifetime.


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