Pricing for Photography Shoot, out doors, 1hr +, I have good skills but only a tripod and a camera? How much?

I have had photography classes, and I have done photography assignments in the past, nothing big. This is going to be about an hour or so of photography for a renewal of vows/wedding ceremony. How much should I charge?

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5 Responses to “Pricing for Photography Shoot, out doors, 1hr +, I have good skills but only a tripod and a camera? How much?”

  1. Pooky said:

    At least $100 (per hour).

  2. JJ B said:

    This is a good question. It really depends on what you are giving your client. If you are just giving 1 hour of photography and a CD of images you really don’t have to spend a lot of time “working” and you don’t have any costs to factor in like film and lab work or an album that think about what your time is worth. Are you worth more or less than $100 per hour? If you have costs like film and labs fees and an album you should factor that in. In any case you should factor in travelling to and from the wedding site and the cost of gas. If the ceremony lasts an hour you will probably show up 1 hour early which automatically jumps your time up to 2hours “working” if the client want getting ready photos, you may want to be there even earlier. What if the ceremony runs long, do you charge for another hour of coverage. Whatever you decide is right for you remember to get it all in writing and signed by both you and your client before hand to protect you both from legal matters. Good Luck!

  3. Mulan said:

    Okay, it doesn’t sound like you have much experience. Do you really know what you’re doing? I see you have good skills, but what about great skills? You have a tripod and camera, but what about lighting equipment such as fill flashes and reflectors?

    I think you shouldn’t charge a thing at first. Let it be a learning experience. Create a great portfolio for yourself, then start charging.

  4. Gwyn of Graphite Land said:

    If they offered to pay you, then dinner would be appropriate.

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