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Pokemon with yellow and red symbol next to it?

I’m playing Pokemon Leaf Green and I just caught a wild Volpix and there is a symbol next to it that looks like a yellow badge with a red stripe. The only other pokemon that has that is my Nidoking I got in a trade.

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3 Responses to “Pokemon with yellow and red symbol next to it?”

  1. munther s said:

    can you put up a picture?
    it sounds interesting!!
    ive played pokemon fr/lg for 4 years and never herd any thing like that happen?
    put up a pic or video,i need to see it
    send me a message

  2. Mip_647 said:

    Well the only signs i can think of is
    ~A star Sign: This means its a Shiny pokemon, and have a different color to other pokemon
    ~Smiley/Sad Face: This means you pokemon had Pokerus, but now it cured
    ~Pokerus: Usually not a symbol but says something in Purple Words (make pokemon stronger)

    Hope this helped

  3. FaridXZA said:

    maybe a pokerus?how bout other pokemon of yours?do they have the same symbol?


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