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Muslims, which parts of the Muslim world are the most oppressed and impoverished?

I am asking Muslims only. If you are not a Muslim please say so when answering the question.

So what parts of the Muslim world do you think are the most oppressed and impoverished? Which parts of the Muslim world need our help the most?

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11 Responses to “Muslims, which parts of the Muslim world are the most oppressed and impoverished?”

  1. Spring said :

    I think, definitely Iran.

  2. Atheer said :


  3. You No Wat I Mean 3rd Boycott FB said :

    I’m in Harvard Univ.

    you noe wat i mean 😀

  4. A said :

    Muslimah – If anyone is stopped from practising their faith then this is oppression. Look at countries which do this – Dawah is nessecary in those places.

    Poverty amongst the muslims exists in many countries, especially third world countries. We should aim to have a charitiable presence in those countries such as Islamic nations in Africa and South Asia.

    It would be a good idea to include the poor non muslims of that country because it will be good to give not only aid but dawa at the same time.

    It seems you have a noble cause up your sleeve may Allah guide you in that mission. Ameen.

  5. ℓινє♥ℓαυgн♥ρєє :) said :
  6. Angelina said :

    muslims life is all wrong all their good at is being terrorists and killing christians

  7. Catalyst said :

    well I wouldn’t consider these people real muslims since they are not aryans like us middle Easterners.

    but I’ll definitely would say bangladesh
    somalia poor
    ethiopia poor
    nigeria poor and oppressed
    urumqi oppressed by communists
    angola poor
    ghana poor
    palestine oppressed by jews

    and other small african countries that I cannot pronounce, dam black people why do they always have to have the darnedest names…..

  8. A said :

    Hey “A” Stop pinching my name.

    I have been around a bit and visited a number of countries and seen REAL poverty, in Jakarta last year a woman begging who was coughing up blood because she had TB. It is quite typical that often the worst poverty is in places such as that city where there are extremes of wealth and Poverty

    Multi Million pound buildings within view of temporary shanty towns and abject poverty, Mumbai and any city in the developing world is pretty much the same but noticeably there is always a McDonald’s.
    I have had women asking me to marry them to escape the poverty in Thailand and surprisingly even Russia,and they all promise to be good obedient wives.

    I have seen Muslims that are really poor but very good and pious and wealthy Muslims who think that they will buy a good judgement because they tell everybody how much Zakat they give.

    Poverty is not so much the problem as the way people deal with it.
    Often Charities which advertise so much how much good they do take massive chunks out of the donations to cover administration.
    Food Aid often never reaches the intended recipients as it gets “re-routed” to corrupt governments of the countries with the starving population.

    I think some African countries are the most impoverished but the problem of corruption means the aid never gets where it is needed

  9. Muslim Journalist said :

    1. Palestine
    2. Iraq
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Tunisia (the Government oppresses the Muslimahs by not allowing them to wear hijab)
    5. Darfur
    6. Somalia
    7. Saudi Arabia (the government doesn’t let Saudi men marry non-Saudi women unless certain conditions are met first)
    8. Turkey (not letting Muslimahs wear hijab)
    9. Nigeria (possibly because there are Muslims enslaving Muslims and a huge drug trade going on)

  10. NinjaAssassinSushi said :

    The user A said it really well.

    In many Muslim countries, there are huge wealth gaps. Thanks to misuse of capitalism where muscle power is all that matters.

    The rich (many with ill-gotten wealth) get richer and the poor poorer. We don’t see the extremists complaining about that. Oh no, never ever.

  11. rere said :

    just one comment to Angelina…
    really sweetheart you need to know what islam means before saying whatever…
    Islam comes from the arabic word salam which means peace.. try to find real books about islam and not some posion from the media,,, then you can judge as you want….

    I believe african countries in general…


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