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Is it okay to use dishwasher soap to clean my birds’ food and water bowls?

I normally use a solution of baking soda, water, and lemon juice, as I’ve read that that’s the safest cleaner to use for birds. Is dishwasher soap at all dangerous to use?

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7 Responses to “Is it okay to use dishwasher soap to clean my birds’ food and water bowls?”

  1. pinky said :

    No its no dangerous, if its safe for humans dishes its safe for birds

  2. Nadine said :

    Its fine. Just rinse it off with clean water after. Simple as.

  3. skydanzer400 said :

    It’s not true that “if it’s safe for humans, it’s safe for birds”. But, as for regular dish soap, it’s pretty much true. Your best bet is to use and keep on hand, the original blue version of Dawn. That’s because it’s the only one known to be safe for cleaning the birds feathers, should it ever get something like grease or something else on it’s feathers. Remember, that’s what we use to clean wild life caught in oil spills. But for that purpose, it’s only a few drops in a sink of water. As for the dishes, it’s fine and just be sure you always rinse thoroughly in water as hot as your hands can take.

  4. Martyn Cooksey said :

    It is completely safe, I use ordinary Fairy liquid for my Cockatiels and Canaries food bowls, they’ve not shown any signs of ill health as a result of it. Just make sure to thoroughly wash it off, especially with your water bowl. hope this helps.

  5. Yogi T said :

    If your bowls are stainless steel you can use dish detergent. I run mine through the dishwasher.Thorough rinsing is necessary. If your dishes are plastic I would stick with the method you now use

  6. musicfreak12333 said :

    yeah its completely safe, just make sure you rinse it really well after wards, as long as you remember to wash it it will be fine

  7. Anastasia Amaker said :

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