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Is a manager unlucky when he buys an injury prone player and he ends up always gets injured?

I am talking about the likes of Van Persie
I think getting rather than gets would have been better! but you know what I mean
I know Hargreaves has been injured for years with United but was he that injury prone before he went to United?

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8 Responses to “Is a manager unlucky when he buys an injury prone player and he ends up always gets injured?”

  1. Lipi said :

    Dont look to far from our club Owen Hargreaves

  2. t O u z - tights On fire said :

    Yeah …like u really had to specify u were talking about van persie. Lool

  3. miss p said :

    I thought you were talking about all the liverpool players lol! I think Van persie is unlucky, I’m not an Arsenal fan but hes a damn good player and its always worrying when he plays against you. Its not always their fault though is it, didn’t someone break his leg and hes not been the same since.

  4. jyoti said :

    Nope. A manager is more unlucky when he buys a perfectly fit player and he ends up always injured at his new club. Case in point,
    Owen Hargreaves.
    Eduardo Da Silva
    Fernando Torres
    Michael Essien

  5. Sylvester said :

    Sometimes the naivety of clubs astounds me. All they have to do is check the player’s history to see he is injury prone. Yet I’m sure most managers think they can somehow cure the player with new training methods etc. The fact is that some player’s bodies just can’t cope with the rigours of professional football, they are always likely to pick up an injury and their recovery time is longer than your average footballer.
    A manager is never unlucky if he gambles on an injury prone player and the gamble doesn’t work.

  6. Mark said :

    could be worse
    could buy a crap player whos injury prone and then gets injured all the time
    kieron dyer anyone

  7. lVl0l-lIT™ said :

    Not only is the manager unlucky but also the player. For example Eduardo. The season before he came to Arsenal, he was one of the top scorers of Europe. But when he came to Arsenal and got that injury, he lost that touch. After such a horrific injury a player gets psychologically injured. He feels scared that he might get injured again. I’m scared about ramsey. he shouldn’t end up like eduardo. Because he is very talented. As for Van persie, he was young and fit when he came to Arsenal. He wasn’t injury prone when he came.

  8. Howling Mad Baggy said :

    torres was never injury prone till he got to liverpool



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