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im having a big problem with my ds and wifi help?

every time i try to search for the access point in my house it tells me that the access points security settings are not supported by the nintendo ds. how do i fix the access points security to connect my wifi can some one please help me

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3 Responses to “im having a big problem with my ds and wifi help?”

  1. nabrenx said :

    Open a browser and type into the URL. If it asks for a username and password a lot of routers are setup with the username admin and no password by default.

    Once there depending on your router it will vary slightly however you are looking for your security settings. Make sure the security type is WEP and for best results that it is on channel 1 or 11.

    If you need further help feel free to e-mail me or do a google search for setting up a router for Nintendo DS – you will find a ton of tutorials.

  2. Andrew said :

    If you have a nintendo wifi usb connecter, then doubble click the wifi icon at the bottom right of the screen when you plug it in if you did that right click the little person and click grant acsess

  3. iAwesome said :

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