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Im 16 can I have a gun in my truck unloded and in the back?

I like to go shoot my guns and hunt a lot but my dad usually gose with me. Now with his job he can’t go with me all time I was just wondering if i can have a gun and ammo seperate with me in the back (meaning the bed) of my truck.

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11 Responses to “Im 16 can I have a gun in my truck unloded and in the back?”

  1. GreatCommunistLleader said:

    If you’re underaged and don’t have a license you WILL get in trouble.

  2. Alex said:

    i would say it depends on the state, but i don’t know of any state that would allow 16 year old to carry in their car

  3. Ed Roach said:

    no but call the local sherriffs office some states do i am leaning towards no but depends on where you live,,,,ok good luck there

  4. Karle said:

    Not legally… least not in most states……would have to live in one of the few states that allows open carry for minors and then would have to have it openly displayed….would suggest a gun rack if its legal in ur state… << very few states allow 16 or younger to OC....

  5. ladystang said:


  6. Josh said:

    in my state you can have a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle if your a minor as long as it is unloaded and in a case

  7. Fatefinger said:

    Put them is a case. A lot is hagning on the state you live in. You need to be 18 to buy long guns but many states either have the possesion age at 14 or simply do not have a possesion age. Federal law doesn’t say anything on this besides purchase. You’d have to check state laws.

  8. Eric said:

    Call your Sherrifs office.

  9. lana_sands said:

    Several high school students have gotten jammed up in that last few weeks doing just same thing. They go hunting on the weekend, then left the gun in the car or truck when they went to school on Monday. School folks cry Zero tolerance to weapons on school grounds & your in a real mess.

  10. Justin said:

    It depends on your state. In most states though there is a legal age that you can hunt on your own. So if it is for hunting purposes as long as you are old enough for your state you would be fine. You should be fine for going to the range also. As for just having it in your truck going around town or something you might have trouble. Call your Game and Fish and Police department to make sure.

  11. Mr.357 said:

    It would depend upon the state that you live in. In the state that I live in, you could have a long gun sitting in the seat beside you with a round in the chamber. Not smart, but legal. My typing teacher in high school’s husband had a shotgun go off in a pickup that he was driving. the shot hit the transmission and splattered back into his eyes and blinded him.


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