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I am 38 weeks pregnant and I was wondering what are some ways besides castor oil to induce labor?

I was wondering if jumping jacks, running, walking up and down my stairs would work. Please soemone tell me I am very misrable.

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22 Responses to “I am 38 weeks pregnant and I was wondering what are some ways besides castor oil to induce labor?”

  1. Waynes Angel said :

    nothing truly works i have three kids and tried everything nothing worked only when baby is ready will it work

  2. barney3076 said :

    Well when my husband and I were at our “lamaze” class our instructor said sex. It made us burst out laughing, but she said it works. Of course by the time I got to 38 weeks I wanted nothing to do with sex. I feel for you and sure hope your baby comes soon. Hang in there!

  3. larky2330 said :

    Walking and sex should do the job, for me it was walking.

  4. S. O. said :

    Well, from what I have been told walking is the best way to get your body to start labor. But you could walk for the next two weeks if your baby isn’t ready to come out yet. Those last 2 weeks are HORRIBLE, but I wouldn’t do anything drastic. I’ve also heard sex can start labor but some women don’t agree with that.

  5. jamiecarter01 said :

    SEX and WALKING!

  6. Boricua Chic said :

    take some fresh ginger , peel it and cut it into small pieces about 1/4 cup would be fine. steep it in simmering water for about 2 minutes. (like a tea) sweeten it and drink it warm. if it works, you will be in labor in about 3 hours…it will taste really bitter and gross but the only reason I say this is because it worked for me. good luck and congrats!

  7. FLGirl185 said :

    I wouldn’t do that. The baby will come when it is ready.

  8. hisgirl said :

    It’s not the sex that does it. It’s the big O. That can start contractions. ask your Doc he will tell ya the same thing.

  9. BREANNA said :

    Castor oil worked for me 3 times, at 38 weeks I took 4tbs mixed with orange juice . My 1st son came 6hours later my second son came 4 hours later and my 3rd was 3 hours also..

  10. MommeFrog said :

    i don’t think from what i have read Castor oil is safe..
    so what i would do is wait..and do what the doctor said instead of risking the babies life. I understand the seriousness of wanting the baby out because i have 3 kids..and one was 10lbs and 5oz..she was only 1week early, the misery was really there..but you know what all that went away when i saw her, and held her..that will make you feel better that day and you will look at your child and say yup it was worth it and i would do it again..
    so hold on maybe the baby needs you a little longer..

  11. sejaybebo69 said :

    Walk walk walk…I walked our mall for a week and I was so ready to have the baby…one day I just woke up at 2 in the morning in labor and it was after I stopped walking….I walked and walked myself to death and when I finally was so tired I had to stop my body said oh no you dont and then I was in labor……Having sex will not make you go into labor but the orgasm will….I had sex right up until I had my baby and I swear by it…It also helps to keep you not so tight down there so when it comes time to push it wont rip you so bad and it could speed it along a little bit…healing time increases as well…walk and have some great sex….enjoy it while you can because after you have that baby you will be dying for it and you cant have it for 6 weeks…thats a month and a half…..( I wont lie I had sex after 3 weeks because I was throbbing so bad I needed to have sex to relieve the throbbing, But that is not a good idea because you could bleed out….)

  12. angelikabertrand64 said :

    Sorry I feel that you even ask the question. Some of us that would love to bear a child can’t cause of health reason’s. And you who is able to do what nature has given to you, wants to induce labor? Why do we alway’s have to ppush nature and slap it in the face? Enjoy the work that comes along with labor. And hopefully you will see that this is the best and greatest joy a women can experience! I wished I could have!

  13. lifeofthepartyyea said :

    i tried castor oil…but i waited untill i was PAST my due date….it didn’t work…gave me the runs. BUCK UP…you only have 2 more weeks to go…i’ve given birth 4 times so i know…you’re not supossed to be feeling real peachy right now. baby’s head should be in or near birth canal….jumping jacks…..BETTER ASK YOUR DOCTOR….go see a movie…OR DO SOMETHING SAFE….

  14. Angelicforce said :

    Everyone who said sex is correct. There’s something in the semen that makes your labor begin.

  15. Meliss said :

    I remember being at that stage. Can’t sleep, bloated oh yeah it’s fun. Try walking a lot. Don’t do jumping jacks, it might rupture the water. Have sex too. I know this is the LAST thing on your mind, but there is a hormone in semen that helps jump start labor. Do it doggie style so it will hurt the baby less. Good luck.

  16. ratrafhcd said :

    Just go into the triage and say that you’ve been having contractions all day and that by the time you made it in there they stopped. Make them call your OB while you’re in there. Tell the ob how horrible you feel and that you keep going into labor but everytime you go on your way to the hospital they stop.

    If you play your cards right they’ll induce.

  17. pikaberrygrl said :

    I am a day before my due date and I need some help to encourage labor too! My doctor told me that walking and sex (there is something in the semen which helps to ripen the cervix) can help. She also suggested walking up stairs, actually stomping up stairs. Of course she said that all these techniques are not scientifically proven to work but many do find that they help them. FYI, I’ve been walking a lot the past couple of weeks and at my last appointment, I didn’t even dilate more then a centimeter more than at my last appointment.

    Good luck!

  18. Snowwhite said :

    My doctor recommended sex and spicy food after. That worked for me but every one is different. The spicy food will not harm the baby in anyway… good luck.

  19. taylor619 said :

    There are lots of old wives tales that supposedly induce labor, and even my doctor told me to go home and have sex when I was overdue, but I don’t know if any of it actually works. The baby will just come when it is ready, and since you are not even at 40 weeks yet, it is not a good idea to push it too much. Castor oil can be very dangerous, so definitely avoid that. I sympathize with you– it is awful the last month or so, but just try and be patient. Trust me, you will soon look back at how much easier it was when the baby was inside instead of out!

  20. ashez said :

    girl i feel your pain! I am 37 weeks and just asked the same thing. (look @ my past questions)
    from what I hear sex and walking are the majority of answers. I have walked 6 miles in 2 days and went swimming, along with that have had sex 3 times a day. It’s not working at all. the contractions just keep going away and I am just exhausted 🙁
    Ask your doctor to strip your membranes if they haven’t already..
    Good luck let me know if something works for you.

  21. hotmama said :

    I know the miserable feeling but hang in there labor will come when the baby is ready.Nothing truly works and doing all those things could hurt you or the baby.Take walks go shopping read a book,do something to take your mind off of (when am i going to go into labor)it will happen when you least expect it the time will drag on if u sit around waiting for it.Good Luck!Hope all goes well!!!

  22. mira oil said :

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