How to Control sexual urges and concentrate on other things?

I know its normal to have these urges. But for me, they’re very strong. Over the years, they’ve taken over all my free time and I feel I’m not doing other positive creative things. Like socializing, having a good hobby, exploring, hanging out, so many nice things… Its a kind of trap, each time I masturbate, my mind clamps down, and I want more and more and more. Any suggestions? Serious, non-offensive answers please.

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3 Responses to “How to Control sexual urges and concentrate on other things?”

  1. Eurydice said:

    get a mate

  2. shortnweird said:

    Maybe you should talk to a doctor or a counselor about how often you have urges and how it’s effecting your life.

  3. BillyTheKid said:

    There are ten specific criteria of sexual addiction (a compulsion over which you have lost control):

    –Recurrent failure (pattern) to resist impulses to engage in specific sexual behavior.
    –Frequent engaging in those behaviors to a greater extent or over a longer period of time than intended.
    –Persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to stop, reduce, or control those behaviors.
    –Inordinate amount of time spent in obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experience.
    –Preoccupation with the behavior or preparatory activities.
    –Frequent engaging in the behavior when expected to fulfill occupational, academic, domestic, or social obligations.
    –Continuation of the behavior despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent social, financial, psychological, or physical problem that is caused or exacerbated by the behavior.
    –Need to increase the intensity, frequency, number, or risk of behaviors to achieve the desired effect, or diminished effect with continued behaviors at the same level of intensity, frequency, number, or risk.
    –Giving up or limiting social, occupational, or recreational activities because of the behavior.
    –Distress, anxiety, restlessness, or irritability if unable to engage in the behavior.

    Does this sound like you? Anything can become a habit, any habit can become a compulsion, and any compulsion can become an “addiction”. An addiction is a habit over which you have lost control. Put it back into perspective. YOU are in control. No one is putting a gun to your head and telling you to masterbate. Your body has become accustomed to the chemical reaction in your brain caused by the act–dopamines, etc–much like cigarette smoking. It is not permanent and will change when YOU decide to make the change. No one says it will be a pleasant thing.


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