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How soon did you start feeling symptoms of pregnancy, and what were they?

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8 Responses to “How soon did you start feeling symptoms of pregnancy, and what were they?”

  1. Love Bug said:

    Six weeks, morning sickness

  2. Kristy said:

    I first thought i was pregnant even before i had a missed period due to my breasts hurting…i tested a few days early and sure enough i was pregnant. By 8wks the morning sickness witch lasted all day and night started and didnt stop until like 20wks. It was horrible!! The first few weeks of pregnancy i was also really tired and mixing that with morning sickness…god it was horrible lol..thank god its over with now lol.

  3. #1 due 8/2/09 said:

    I started getting sore boobs at 3 weeks…then around 6 is when the nausea set in!

  4. Proud momma said:

    I started feeling them 2 weeks after conception ( I felt the egg get fertilized, it was a popping sensation) I was nauseous all day and all night for the whole pregnancy, smells turned me off even my favorite ones, oh and one the dad didn’t like, my sex drive came to and abrupt halt. Don’t forget the whole have to pee every hour to two hours

  5. Baby BOY due 6.11.09 said:

    luckily i haven’t really had any morning sickness during this pregnancy..but i remember having to pee ALOT more when i was around 8 weeks pregnant and started getting headaches alot around the same time.

  6. Hillary08!!! said:

    for me it was 6 weeks with bad headaches and what i call ‘all day sickness’…My skin started breaking out at 4 weeks. But by 6 weeks you’ll know something is up.

  7. meah's mommy said:

    My very first sympton was my hair turning pink. I was getting it highlighted and the color came up pink. My stylist says that ususally only happens when you are are antibiotics or pregnant. I took a test the next day and it was positive. The next symptom was sore breasts and that lasted most of the pregnancy.

  8. Renee L said:

    This is my 3rd pregnancy and start noticing the symptoms within days of conception. Frequent urination, acne breakout, breast tenderness (which I don’t get w normal PMS) and a crazy salt craving. Since everyone’s bodies are different, the things that I notice are those which are unusual for me.


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