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How much is my Royal Doulton Coffee set GEM D5285 worth?

I have discovered it was made between 1922 and 1956. I have the complete set, coffee pot, cream jug, sugar basin and six cups and saucers. Very good condition apart from slight crazing inside some of the cups.

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3 Responses to “How much is my Royal Doulton Coffee set GEM D5285 worth?”

  1. Crunchy Granola said :

    A reasonable estimate would be two thousand five hundred pounds, Sterling of course.

    If you were to put it up on auction you could achieve a far greater sum, given the international interest in these patterns and the relative obscurity of the complete set in such good condition. five or even six thousand pounds wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Of course the museums would be interested as well, but the best medium for selling such precious objects would be a first rate auction house.

  2. Count de Money said :

    Hyacinth Bucket would fork over a small fortune for your Royal Doulton but only if it were adorned with myriad periwinkles.

  3. patriot said :

    How are WE supposed to help you with this?

    Take your set to an expert to be valued. WE aren’t china experts, we are here to discuss ROYALTY.


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