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how many times have you been in love and whats ur sun and venus?

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12 Responses to “how many times have you been in love and whats ur sun and venus?”

  1. my old account disapeared said :

    with a cancer.

    Aries Sun and Venus.


  2. Danie said :

    Zero to be exact.

    Scorpio sun/moon/mercury
    Sag Venus

  3. Sad Ang3l said :

    Just the once and I am still with my 1st and only love. We are getting married next month now after being together for 7 years.

    Taurus Sun
    Virgo Moon
    Virgo Rising
    Aquarius Mars
    Gemini Venus

    Scorpio Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Aquarius Rising
    Scorpio Mars
    Libra Venus

  4. THE Bible Basher said :


    Gemini Sun
    Gemini Venus

  5. мαι said :

    I have never been “in love”…..i think it is a shallow emotion.

    Aquarius sun
    Capricorn Venus

  6. 布里納 <3 に said :


    I’ve only really liked people never been in love

  7. *˙˙* said :

    Once… with a Sagittarius.

    Pisces Sun
    Aries Venus

  8. 5150 said :

    Zero Times.

    both pisces

  9. Saggie Rogue' said :

    I’ve been in love only once and it was with a Pisces… years ago.

    Sagittarius Sun
    Capricorn Moon

  10. Scully said :

    Once with a Sagittarius.

    Sun- Capricorn
    Venus- Capricorn

  11. Reverend V said :

    I have been in love more times than I can count. I am a Pisces and my Venus is in Aquarius. Being a Pisces can be a curse or a blessing, depending on how one looks at it. A Pisces simply loves to be in love. In a Pisces’ world it is love that makes the world go round. – God Bless! +?+

  12. Squirrel ♋♐♏ said :

    More than twice. I’ve been in love quite alot, but unfortunately it never worked out. i find that i’ll usually fall in love once a year or so…then it’ll turn out to be a sham relationship.

    Cancer sun
    Cancer venus


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